April 12, 2017

Why BJP-RSS need Yogi, opposition needs Arvind Kejriwal and Congress needs Varun Feroze Gandhi!

Yogi Adityanath as the CM of UP might have come as a rude shock to many. But it was always on the cards. Narendra Modi has been growing too big for RSS. And after becoming PM, he hadn’t once supported openly a single of the innumerable nonsense pelted out by RSS or its fringe groups. And make any analysis. Call the Congress anything, the Rahul-Akhilesh combine didn’t lose because Akhilesh was very bad and definitely not because of Rahul Gandhi. Akhilesh has been quite decent and speaks very well and keeping the memes aside Rahul Gandhi today speaks better than most of the BJP leaders who were campaigning in UP. He has worked hard on his communication.
 In fact, the Congress won three of the five states irrespective of who formed the government. So, ‘Rahul Gandhi means no seats in states’, is a bogus theory and argument. What is happening the world over and in India right now is high voltage personality contests. Modi being the world-beating leader in that. And in UP, poor Akhilesh and Rahul were just swept aside – not by polarisation, not by Hindu consolidation, not by Rahul’s memes – but simply by Modi’s far far higher voltage personality. He was just too much for them.

But the elections also proved BJP is not unbeatable. Wherever the opposition has a slightly good leader to answer back, they have 60 percent to 75 percent votes to consolidate. And the BJP can be defeated. Like it happened in Punjab.
However, the key word is a decent leader opposite Modi. While it seems no one can match him right now, but give a decent, determined and mature opposition and the BJP can be defeated. Good or bad, some states have those leaders. Bihar, WB, Punjab etc.
But while states have those, the nation has absolutely none. So, as long as Rahul is the perceived choice for PM against Modi, irrespective of how much he has improved, he comes absolutely nowhere near Modi. And Modi will win elections, one after the other, on a platter. Even Priyanka’s soft-spoken classy demeanour won’t be of any use. And Sonia is getting old and keeping a bit unwell to really run around amassing support. It’s absolute Modi-Modi one-sided and lopsided all the way. Nationally and in any place without mature politicians in the opposition. ......


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