March 7, 2014

Is English Media's Hidden Jealousy Against Subrata Roy Showing Its Ugly Face?

I have written about this earlier too, and have taken the liberty to reproduce some statements from my earlier editorials on this topic. I do not believe that Subrata Roy is wrong. However, that bit later. What amazes me is the way media has declared him a cheat and is almost celebrating his arrest without any mention of his arguments that are compellingly logical. To me, headings like “Subrata Roy brought to justice” are such shameful give a ways of media’s hidden jealousy against a self-made one-generation success story, something that the media just cannot handle. His group is said to be India’s biggest private sector employer and second biggest overall. He has shown absolute commitment to support sports – an area where success is always associated with a nation’s pride internationally. His open assertions of being a patriot have their weight in the various behemoth social initiatives undertaken by his group – with no apologies to the slanted English media in India which, I feel, hypocritically slanders anyone who represents the ‘other’ India (lest you should forget, it was this very media that shamelessly reported gossip a few years ago about him being ‘critically ill’ and on his deathbed; no surprises then that the same English media during his hay days never wrote a good piece on his amazing story of unbelievable hard work). His management philosophies are noble and he is a good human being.

However, he has never compromised with the establishment and has always taken it head on, whenever harassed, with full page advertisements, explaining his reasoning quite logically and clearly. Even his harshest critics accept that the man is a visionary – his mammoth investments in media, housing, hotel, sports and other industries being compelling evidence. He may not be as polished as the Tatas and the Birlas and may have certain quirks in his living style or office culture, which can be an eyesore to some. But that cannot be the reason to celebrate his agony. And yes, having known him personally over many a long discussion, I can guarantee that the man religiously knows his numbers and has a financial acumen that is better than the combined intellect of all Indian regulators in the industries where he operates.

However, India is a strange place of a handful of ruling clique who try to influence thoughts of all others. That Subrata Roy Sahara titles himself as the Managing Worker of his group only adds to the ire of India’s very caustic bourgeoisie, which, hand in hand with the English media, would be loath to have such an unabashed community representative of workers amongst their well ‘oiled’ and ‘greased’ group. So every time Subrata Roy Sahara and his likes attempt to tread the path of diligent and astute effort – assuming the same equated to returns – they’re pulled down acerbically and vindictively by the group representing the old, feudal India. You see, this group believes that only they know how India should be run and by whom. Look around and you’ll see many examples strewn across India of how honest upstarts have been trampled upon by the powers that be before they could gain ground – wherever there has been anyone attempting to improve the condition of India, they’ve had a horde of regulatory, tax, police and judicial bodies running up their door to initiate the so-called enquiries and ‘search’. The same group has billionaires aplenty thanks to the existing crony capitalism, in cahoots with a similar group of corrupt bureaucrats (regulators included) and politicians, and they fight tooth and nail, criminally and illegally, to ensure that there is no new honest and ethical claimant to their industry space, especially if such an entrepreneur were from the proletariat. And that is the sad game which has unfortunately victimised Subrata Roy.

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Manoj Kusshwaha said...

shameless media generating news

harrish kumar said...

I feel media today presents what it thinks is right and to justify that it would hunt for some fact and present it as an evidence of committing the so said crime and write words like cheat, grabbed, scams... this needs to be addressed.

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