March 14, 2014

12 reasons why you should not vote for Arvind Kejriwal!

I voted for him during the Delhi elections, but I had also mentioned then that for the general elections, one must vote for Modi. At that point of time, I had believed that Arvind Kejriwal was not (yet) mature enough to be considered for central leadership. Now, I am convinced he is not even mature enough for the next Delhi assembly elections. Here are a dozen reasons why you should not vote for Arvind Kejriwal:

Reason #1:Anna Hazare says in his latest interview to TSI that “obsession to become Prime Minister has gone into Arvind Kejriwal’s head”. That’s exactly why we should not vote for Arvind Kejriwal. Having the aim to become the PM is nothing wrong. But the change agent, who the country is looking out for right now, should think of doing only the right things without compromising on issues. Not an infatuated man who is risibly obsessed with becoming the Prime Minister. Arvind could not even stay away from his esurient greed to become the CM of Delhi and took aquisitive support from the same Congress party, against which his entire election campaign had been mobilised. Similarly, and shockingly, he has voiced his intemperate support for Khap panchayats and is making all those venal compromises that every politician, who he speaks of against, makes.

Reason #2:We do not want a leader who does nothing himself, but spuriously doles away the precious and little savings of the previous government in ridiculously thoughtless, populist and vote-bank oriented subsidies to the middle class and rich, who can in any case afford to pay their bills, including those of water and electricity.

Reason #3:We do not want Gandhi-topi wearing vandal MLAs implementing a midnight vigilante justice mechanism to replace our already poor policing system. Imagine a PM who grandiosely claims, “I am an anarchist, so let my MLAs and MPs do such acts too”. We want the dignity of the Gandhi cap to remain sacrosanct. In fact, every Congress member and BJP member must also wear the same cap and roam around until AAP members stop using it to spread group fear.

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If you are going to be one sided about AAP or BJP - tell us first and then write the articles.

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