March 21, 2014

12 Reasons Why Modi Could Be The Best PM India Has Ever Seen!

Do not worry, I am a student of economics and I do not buy Modi’s highly publicized theories of development. Nor am I being paid by him, as the gaumless AAP supporters bombing my Facebook page doltishly claim, as the popularity of AAP plummets to new lows with each new immature statement and puerile act from Kejriwal (the latest being that he will jail all those media people who write against him)! But it’s very clear to me that the nation has been fooled for far too long by incapable leaders and it’s definitely time for us for once to give a chance for the first time ever in our history to a real leader. Before I speak further, let me clarify a few things. Gujarat is a high growth state but that doesn’t mean that this is due to a Modi miracle alone. Gujarat has always been a high growth state and the same pace has been retained by Modi, more or less. In fact, in the last one decade, in terms of growth, Maharashtra has been better off; in terms of human development, Kerala has been far ahead; and in terms of poverty reduction, Tamil Nadu has been far better. Yet, it’s Modi who has somehow been able to market it down our throats that there is something called Modinomics! This, despite the fact that BJP is a party that lacks any credible economist at the top. So why do I still want “Ab ki baar Modi sarkar”?

My previous editorial on 12 reasons to reject Kejriwal ( was highly appreciated, as well as criticised. So this time, here are my 12 reasons for Modi; what could even make him the best Prime Minister that India has ever seen.

#1. I haven’t seen leader-material better than Modi in Indian politics since my childhood; and elders do say that post Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, India has not witnessed a leader who can speak as assertively and as clearly as Modi does! Personally, I am tired of spineless leaders representing the country and would love to see a leader who can stand up to world leaders and make them take note of India.

#2. Modi’s vision of growth is what India needs. Gujarat may not be the role model, but Modi is growth focussed, and such economic growth – rather than populist doles like free water and electricity – can take care of all our ills, and can equip people to make them independent.

#3. Modi may have seen an unfortunate riot happening during the initial part of his reign, and the Supreme Court may have correctly or incorrectly given him a clean chit, but the fact as they say is that the best apology is in never repeating a mistake. And while before and after 2002, we have seen hundreds of riots taking place all around in India, we haven’t seen another one in Gujarat! If that’s what Modi believes in and commits himself to, then we have a real man who believes in amending his mistakes instead of forwarding pretentious apologies.

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arul said...


i hope agriculture will be developed in a natural way and natural resources are protected as per your vision

verendra said...

I think that you are little more generous to Modi, why i will explain point ti point as you explian:
1. "As Assertive as Shyama Prasad Mukherjee": Please don't compare like this because S.P. Mukherjee is assertive in positive manner and he likes to bring all people toghether but in Modi's perspective he is assertive in public speech and he does not answer on any platform and one more thing he does not like to co-operate with any leaders whether it is senior or junior,so how could i think he is good for public...
2.Modi's Growth Vision: I accept the the success in water and electricity to great extent but how about other things in gujarat like petrolium prices(one of the biggest state's taxes applied to it),Vibrant Gujrat(in which real trade output is so so little, but decribed in a big picture),condition of farmer and so many things are in queue
3.and last for roits it is matter of court and supreme court has not "aquitted" yet.

indianrj said...

Arindamji, being a renowned economist, if you have any road map for India, try to connect with Shri Modiji. He welcomes positive ideas/ role by anybody who has a vision for the country.

Sateesh Sai Modukuru said...

This article looks like it has been written by a seventh grader. It's about as mature as that movie you made in early 2000s.

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