November 26, 2010

If our Parliamentarians cannot make productive use of Rs 530 crore that we pay to run the Parliament, they have no right to waste it as well!

In my editorials, I have vividly written on our Parliament and Parliamentarians. From suggesting that our Parliament be outsourced (after 26/11), to asking political parties to pave the way for educated youth, to criticising the way our Parliament works, to how our Parliamentarians put their personal priorities above the national ones, I have often written about them. Be that as it may, the recent deadlock in our Parliament that lasted over eight long days made me come up with a few more urgently required and practicable measures. These eight successive days of adjournment cost the exchequer a staggering Rs 63 crores! In this whole winter session of Parliament, except for a couple of days, neither of the houses functioned normally for even one single session. For the uninitiated, as per official figures cited in various media, the total budget for the two houses for 2010-11 is estimated to be around a whopping Rs 530 crore!

For the first eight days of the Parliament in this season, only 47 minutes out of 2,880 minutes were spent on the question hour in the Lok Sabha, while in Rajya Sabha, out of a total 2,400 minutes, a jaw-dropping zero minutes were spent on the question hour. Worse, only 11 percent of total time in Lok Sabha and 2.25 percent of total time in Rajya Sabha was spent on productive work! And mind you, this is just a waste of one kind wherein the Parliament session is disrupted by our unruly Parliamentarians! The second variant of wastage comes in the form of absenteeism of our Parliamentarians. In the winter session last year, attendance in the Lok Sabha was between 56 percent and 75 percent with an average for the session at 66 percent. And the third variant of wastage is in the form of non-participation of any kind from our Parliamentarians. As per PRS Legislative Research, only 52 percent of the members in Lok Sabha participated in any debate in the last winter session. Of those who spoke, 25 percent restricted themselves to just a couple of debates while merely three percent MPs participated in more than 10 debates. Similar trends can be observed in both the houses since the last couple of years.

Such an irresponsible attitude by our Parliamentarians not just wastes colossal amounts of public funds, but also delays many important bills that are awaiting their approval – a few of them since many years. Nothing much can be expected from them as a majority of them are bereft of any education and a large number of them are hardened criminals who could make it to the Parliament by muscle and money power. But then, in the absence of any kind of refrain, these Parliamentarians are holding not just the Parliament, but the whole nation to ransom. It is high time that we set up a legally enforceable code of conduct, which makes it mandatory for these Parliamentarians to adhere to certain minimum expected standards. Non-adherence to the code could possibly result in penalties (monetary, non-monetary or both) and repetition of acts that go against the code could even result in legal action. As of now, Article 105(2) mentions that “no member of Parliament shall be liable to any proceeding in any court in respect of anything said or any vote given by him in Parliament or any committee thereof.” This needs immediate amendment! Secondly, attendance and participation should be made compulsory. Recently, the Russian Parliament passed a law to punish absent lawmakers. Even the German Bundestag (the national parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany) has made it obligatory that members participate when the sessions are on. Many other countries impose financial sanctions on absent MPs. Like in Israel, a member of Knesset is not allowed to miss a session without any valid reason. In Ghana, a member of parliament has to vacate his seat in the parliament if he is absent without permission. India should go further than that and put sanctions on irregular and absentee MPs to an extent that apart from plain deductions in salaries and allowances for the days they were absent, such MPs should not be allowed to file their nomination papers in the future if their absenteeism exceeds a set benchmark. In fact, I would go to the extent of saying that in order to make the functioning more responsible, our Parliament should also make way for public opinion. The press and the public must be allowed to freely question any wrongdoing without being threatened under the law of parliamentary privileges.

But all this can happen only when we can keep a check at the nomination filing level. People, who ideally should be behind the bars, should not be permitted any ticket from any political party – and here, the Election Commission and the apex court have the most pivotal roles to play. If this is taken care of, then almost half of the nuisance that takes place inside our Parliament would be arrested! All in all, it is for our sake that our Parliamentarians meet for 100 days a year, for which we all pay up approximately Rs 5 crores each time they meet! If they cannot make productive use of this cost – which they hardly do or even bother to do – they have no right to waste it as well!



vaishnavi said...

aap ne such kaha arin ji hamare maaniy sanado ki upastithi or anuopsathiti dono hi vivadaspad hai,upasthit rahkar bhi vo dash or janta ki aastha ki dhajjiya uddahate hai,or anuopasthit rah kar bhee dono hi soorato mai iska khamiaja janta ko bhogatana padta vishadporn sthithi k liye hamare yuvao ko hi aatyedhik jaagrook hone ki aavayshakta hai.

Nelson said...

Your views are justified. I would like to know when you will be entering into active politics. Coz just criticizing wont do(even if it is constructive). One has wear the shoes first. I'm gonna do it. Are you ready? Or atleast will you endorse me, if I enter into politics(I'm 21 now:) )

anita said...

I am quite agree with your views
-parliamentarians should be more responsible to people who authrise them to sit in the highest office of country.
- Person with dubious background should not be allowed to enter for contest
-special right given to them be withdrawan because power without responsibility defies the universal principal of management and these people managing the whole nation. So, why should not they be responsible for votes, comment they make in parliament.
Sir, I somewhat disagree on the point that most of them r with criminal background. Situation is not that much bad. Instant case of Bihar election has proved that people are more vigilant for their well being. I think we should be more positive for the future and shall try to do our job honestly.


Shyam said...

We have elected some people to serve for the people of our country.So better to pass a act for them to their work on no work no pay basis.It is depent upon our president, Prime Minister and some intelectuals.We can proof it rather establish it through democracy.

AMAN said...

I am an engineering student in Delhi.I know that its compulsory to have 75% attendance in college failure of which can forbid a student from giving his/her exams.If government can think about these rules n regulations ,why can't it implement it on itself,a crucial 1 required urgently.

Nelson said...

Aman, Im also an engg stdnt. Point accepted!! I think u r so vexed up with dat rule LOL!

ARROW team said...

As far as my knowledge goes Parliamentarians are wasting the money without a second thought because there is no one to question them. They are free to do as they choose in parliament. They are wasting lots of public money, but the public is not aware of it. They simply do not expect anything from these people. Lack of awareness on choosing the right candidates, the dangers of choosing the wrong ones and the over all affect of all these on the society and the development of the country, are not sought over by common public or the educated youth. So far as the ppl are in this way, these illiterate, ignorant and criminal leaders would win every election and lead the country to its downfall. Its high time that the youth of India needs to realise the truth and take charge of the welfare of society.

As an influential person, Iam sure you can motivate lot of young, energetic and qualified people. Make the best of the available opportunity and lets hope for the best ahead.

Manikanth. P.

vishal said...

respected sir,

you are right all members of parliament don't like to attend questionnaire of lok-sabha and rajya- sabha.As a result of it their is so many important/useful bills are pending which are useful for people welfare.but,on other side their attendance is full when the bill of "Increase in their Income or allowance" is coming in parliament at that time above 90% of member is give their vote in favor of it it means they only deal in money not in people welfare.
their is so many example that parliamentarians collect money either by scandal or black marketing some are:-
great leader "Lalu yadav" who do "Chara-Ghotala"& earn many currency from it."C.W.G.committee" also eat crore rupees from international games our big leaders are also include in it."Mohd.Azharuddin" who is one time all rounder of Indian ccricket team collect so many money from South-Africa captain"Hansi Cronje".but now azharuddin is also elected as a member of parliament from Uttar-Pradesh and ya a latest scandal is "2G scandal"Honor by "A.Raja" our tele-comm minister also earn many black money.which they deposit it into his SWISS Bank account one survey says that their is near about Rs280lakh-crore is lie in Swiss-Bank belongs Indian black marketer in which our minister are also including.If you can total all the money they have in bank or the Rs530crore we spent on parliament then it will be A very huge amount it's double/triple from "BUDGET" that the government have made annually.if this huge money spent on people welfare the INDIA will come in counting of a developed country.It's not happen just because of corruption and lazy behavior of the parliamentarians.
and at last i came to your point that if they cannot have power or ability to make a good use of the rupees spent on him they also have no right to waste it as well.

thank you to read my view.
i am student of IIPM, Satbari,New-Delhi

ramki99 said...

it is not just 530 crores at stake but 3000 lakh Crores. It is beyond comprehension. It is the figure given by Bharath Swabhiman Trust of Haridwar . There cannot be a change if a few educated are motivated as our system is in the hands of the poor stricken in poverty who ceremoniously caste their vote in every election and the corrupt politicians know to extract.It is time to educate the poor in every village to stop casting votes to the regular corrupt politicians.They should be taught that if the corrupt are thrown out then their poverty will go very soon. Let us all join to support Bharath Swabhiman Trust in their mission to throw the corrupt in the next General elections. Jai Hind.

Sunny said...

We say we live in a democracy- a govt. for the people but here are all the parliamentarians of our country not having a restriction of accountability put on them.

Richa Singh said...

Hey those r really gr8 thoughts n suggestions.... but just tel me how to go about it n actually make that happen... I m sure if u initiate sumthing to bring those changes, we all will support u... coz we all need those changes badly.
Lets do it!!

coolthot said...

We the educated and enlightened are to be partially to be blamed. We have been shying away from Politics last few decades. We take in pride in saying 'out vote doesn't matter' or 'he doesn't deserve our vote'. Many are still in this state of mind. There is a saying - if you vote, you will get the government you deserve; and if you do not vote, you will still get the government you deserve. Professionals Party of India ( is a movement to get the educated and enlightened together. Believe me, if we keep blogging and writing in the virtual world no stone can be moved. We need to get this cleaned by ourselves by rolling up our sleeves and getting into Politics. Please remember politics is not dirty; it is the current rot of politicians. Raja N

Akshay-iWeb said...

Proposed Solution to end corruption in India :

Kavin said...

this issue is a very serious one and must be tackled at two levels if any significant change is to be brought about.

the first is at the individual or voter level. each one of us as citizens of the country can make this revolution happen. it will only take a few of us in unision to bring about the change.

how many of us know the credentials of the politicians who contest the elections? how many of us bother to find out about the credentials of people we end up voting for, forget the others who contest? i dont think too many. i am sure there are laws(arindam can help us on this one) where we as citizens and voters of this country have the right to scruinize the records and previous dealings of the politicians who stand in the lelections. and if we do have any doubt about the integrity of any one of them, each one of us has the right to disallow them from running in the election. but who (including me) has the time to dig up our rights and actually go and raise ourvoice against all this? its a pain right? yes it is, i agree. than live with the pain your country is going through! its allok for us (including me) to take out ten minutes and lament about the state of our country, quite a different thing to do something about it...

the second levelthis problem can be tackled is at the judicial level. strict laws must be drafted that will disallow any politician from runnung in office who has shown insincerity or has a dubious background or criminal record. a commotte of eminent forthright and sincere citizens must be set up to run thorough background checks on all aspects of the individuals contesting elections. we run background checks on our employees, even our servants. shouldnt we then be running highly elaborate background checks on people we are trusting to run our country??????

but the second revolution cannot come about without the first. we as individuals have to wake up and do the hard work. we have to work for our country like we work for our jobs. else we can just watch and hope it doesnt lead us to utter disaster!!!

coolthot said...

But who elects them? It is time now that people like YOU stand for elections and bring about systemic change.

Raja N

swapnendu said...

supreme court took initiations of cleaning the system by stopping the nominations of people with criminal cases from being accepted
all m p and m l a seats should go through same rigorous police verifications before being filled as it is mandatory for any govt jobs
minimum qualifications should be there to submit nominations.
medias should ask for public poll in these regard.
there is a proverb in bengali 'chaluni kare suncher bichar',thats what is going on in parliament now
it is surprising that medias let the mps raise thier financial gain irrespective of any colour at their own will.all parties are united to have thes gains without any commotion.
there should have been a PIL against this method of raising mp's salary that is unheard of in world.
hope some strong steps to be taken by medias to keep these perpetual problems in control

Samana said...

Hi Arindam,
I agree with ur views abt parliamentrain's effeciency bt could nt find any practical solution in ur blog.


(what i think is)firstly we should know the reason behind it. we will start looking at this from the root...
civics is the base subject of all these, which should be taught in school because you are going to use for lifetime and is being taught as a compulsory subject till 10th std. but total wattage for this subject in 10th exam is 11 marks only. what all the things you will study in your school about civics are at the most 11 marks. 70% of students who have completed MBA in finance dont know who is finance minister of india. and 90% of indians dont know who is indias vice president.
now about media, Media is being managed by all political parties.
remember what was happening when commonwealth's scam came into picture media's concentration was diverted from IPL scam to this new bone and then to save pune politics towards LAVASA.
remember ADARSH SOCIETY scam, nuclear deals with obama were hidden behind it, because if oppositions will take this point to media. deal couldn't have been signed and obama will visit india again and again. even american's knew this thing so they diverted concentration of indian media by showing finger to the expenses on obamas visit and security.
Now one more thing about media in every channel network there is always someone called "apana admi" of every political party leader
now a days "media management" is lifeblood of politics. EVERYONE IS INVOLVED AND BLAMING SOMEONE ELSE.

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pramodkaimal said...

Mr Chaudhuriji, you again say "people, who,"ideally" should be be hind the bars, should not be permitted any ticket from any political party" what do you mean "ideally" when KHAN-CON-gress is coning people of india by FRAMING charges.DO you think Dawood would have been in PAKISTAN living lavishly if the ENCOUNTER SPECIALLISTs of Mumbai were truly effective (without CON-gress) interventions. CON-gressism should be uprooted from EVERY human cell in india before BHA-rath HINDU-stan (PURE-land)can emerge

pramodkaimal said...

At Least! can YOU first get the TRUTHFUL TRUE name of Indira Nehru's Husband? since indira's daughter-in- LAW is HIDING behind a CON-name sonia; and ALSO get some SOLUTION how to get the BILLIONS lying about in the, honourable among thieves SWISS SECRET Accounts, without letting the CONs (sonia?) escape with the monies as & While you TRY?

vivek said...

exactly sir they r simply waisting too much money .5 crore for one day its too much and what they r doing simply bunking like school,what we can expect from them.

pramodkaimal said...

HOW to DEFANG a HOUSE PET KING COBRA that is the CONgress with Sonia (Antonia Khan). Trillions stashed in secret accounts have to be BROUGHT back without LOSING even ONE paise to the looters. THAT TOO in a CONgress created Parliamentary Democracy that is iNdia. ANY suggestions

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