October 15, 2009

My Dear friends!

This blog has been used to upload my TSI edits over time… But today I am excited to make my first personal posting… nothing in a long long time has made me think as much as my following edit on the desirability of living forever has! I consider it to be the BIGGEST EVER BREAKING NEWS FOR MANKIND… If you have time please do read this one for sure! It might be great food for thought and could make your weekend discussion more exciting!

Happy Diwali and all the Best always!

Also its really overwhelming to see that so many of you feel that this blog is worth following. Thanks a million.




Anonymous said...

Happy Diwali.
But I guess desirability of living forever will lead towards depression. What say?

Common Hindu said...

May the divine light of diwali
spread into your Life
peace, prosperity, happiness
and good health.

Manuj said...

Wish you a very happy and green Deepawali. Cheers!

simz_aolly said...

Happy Diwali Mr. Arindam!

All these days I was wondering why I felt like reading a newspaper or an article while I read your blog. Now I understood why is it so.

Posts such as these are very much appreciated and it feels like connecting with a human rather a bot.

In future if you would personally connect with your readers on a regular basis (reply to comments sort-of), it will be great.

Just to mention (not to compare), the way Shashi Tharoor reply's to his followers on twitter makes his followers feel they are following a human. More importantly he does so on a regular, in fact on a day-to-day basis.


hemant said...
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Chetan Gupta said...

I love u Arindam Sir..!!!

B'lated Happy Diwali to you too.
Your articles make me more wiser than before.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Chetan Gupta

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