October 29, 2009


As I look back, over the years, I realise that I’ve ventured far away from what I started my career with... I was supposed to be this management teacher whose passion lay in the areas of leadership and motivation. However, with time, especially after I wrote ‘The Great Indian Dream’ with my father, I have given very less time to writing on management! So much so that when I look back today, ever since the start of The Sunday Indian, I have only – and only – written on economics and politics, and at times on sports and cinema, but never on management! So this time, I thought I’ll write on my first love! More so, I have a reason for it. I really have been thinking – with the way our system is functioning, the best way to feel good and change things around is by changing ourselves, and by ourselves being the change we want to see! There is hardly anything that we can’t do if we want to, because we are all diamonds in waiting – in various stages. Some of us yet to be discovered, some of us yet to be cut, some of us yet to be polished, some of us yet to dazzle... And some of us – who have lost their sheen and sparkle a bit with time – in need of a re-polish! But we are all diamonds, that’s what I’ve always believed about human beings!

And if a diamond were to be the metaphor for us, then there are four things which make up a diamond... The first being the diamond’s carats. You would’ve always heard questions like, “How many carat diamond is that?” That’s the most important quality of a diamond. In human beings, carats are about the depth that we have; and it is represented by two Ps: Passion and Positive Energy! These are the two most important aspects that differentiate us from being a diamond with a high carat value! All successful achievers always have these two most important characteristics within themselves. They are extremely passionate about what they do... Passion for the poor is what made Mother Teresa go on and on despite being from a foreign country and being stuck in a dirty city with unseen poverty all around. Such people are also always full of positive energy. They never see negativity in anything! You talk to them about anything and they have a positive attitude. Friends of Sabeer Bhatia say that even when he was nothing, he would always dream big. That’s the attitude which led him to create Hotmail! Thus, a human being’s carat value is determined by his outlook in life, which is in turn dependent on his passion and positive energy!

The second great quality of a good diamond is its colour. And in successful human beings, colours are synonymous with two more Ps: Personality and People Skills! That’s what makes for the next most important quality of a diamond! If you want to bring out the diamond within you, you must inculcate a super personality and have high quality people skills. Successful people have great personalities; they nurture it, they groom it and they practice it! Personalities aren’t developed overnight! Personalities are developed with a lot of clearly directed efforts. And here, the ‘LAW’ of personality is about looks, actions and words... The way you look – not physically, but the way you carry yourself – the way you act or behave in front of others and the words you choose, make a personality. Prannoy Roy is an ideal example of a personality! The moment you look at him, there is respect; the way he behaves and uses his hand movements to explain things make him interesting; and of course, finally, when he speaks, the words leave you awestruck. And that’s why even after years he is still such a favourite of the masses despite so much competition on television today.

The other aspect that determines the colour of a human diamond is people skills. People who believe that they can go it alone or those who don’t respect the need to work with people for a common goal, can never be successful! It’s because Narayana Murthy believed in having good people around him and nurtured them, that today not just has he been able to retire peacefully, but even his deputy Nandan Nilekani has been able to hang up his boots leaving the organisation on Kris Gopalakrishnan. Infosys is the most beautiful example of how great people make great organisations and how no one needs to be indispensable in a great organisation.

The third quality of a good diamond is how well has it been cut! In human beings, the cut is about the hard work which is represented by another two Ps: Performance and Perseverance! Every successful human being has to lead by example. He has to perform. And his performance should always be an example to others. SRK is not SRK for nothing. Every star who acts with him praises him and becomes his fan. Why? Because when they see him and know him, they see his hard work; they see his track record of delivery; they see his performance. And they know he is a well cut diamond. The other aspect of performance is perseverance. As they say, talent is table salt. It is available aplenty. What differentiates the talented from the ordinary is a lot of hard work... and the ability to persist in the face of adversity. That’s what makes a Shah Rukh Khan what he is!

The final characteristic of a great diamond is its clarity. And in the human diamond, clarity stands for three different Ps: Principles, Perspective and Patriotism! These three Ps define a human being. Do you have principles that you can live by? Do you have a perspective and a plan of where you are headed towards? In other words, do you have a vision? And finally, what defines the human diamond is whether the individual has patriotism inside or not. If you don’t have any of these three, you will only remain a diamond that is perhaps well polished but will never dazzle and make its presence felt. Nurture these 9 Ps of a human diamond, and you will discover the diamond in you! All the best!!!

'Discover The Diamond In You' is the name of Professor Arindam Chaudhuri's forthcoming book. The above article is a synopsis of the book. If you would want to know more about the book, send an sms DTDIY along with your comments on the article to 0-9818101234



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Dear Sir,

Its a very motivational book. "Hats off to You Sir"

Chetan Gupta said...

I love you Arindam Sir...!!!!!!

It's a wonderful article. And i m sure DTDIY would be a great book as usual.

I SMSed at 9818101234 for the details of the book however nobody replied/called back in the last 24 hrs.

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HITENDRA said...

Hence we can conclude from the article that as the value of diamond depends on its carat,color and cut...Value of a person is also depends on these 9 P's...So we should add these P's in life to be valued..

Meera said...

Dear Sir

You have given a perfect insight on Personality and development.Wonderful article with good examples but for srk . I feel learners / youngsters must read blogs of great masters like you to learn voice of expressions.



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azaz said...

Hello sir,
its great luck for us that we have people like u.when sometimes we want to be motivate then we like to read ur books,so that we could able to think something innovative....

From : Azaz Ansari
Indore (M.P.)

darshan patel said...

hi arindam sir,
its really a great thought from you,
only one word i would say about this its 'amazing'

Mahreen said...

Arindhaum Sir,

I had the honour to work with with GISC division under the guidance of Prasoon sir and glad to say was a heart warming experience. Currently working with Vikas Publishers as an editor and God, the link is yet unbroken. Sir, great to see your book and be associated with your refined work directly or indirectly, again and again. i feel blessed, indeed...hello to prasoon sir as well...

Rajiv Chaudhary said...
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Anonymous said...

Master the 9 powerful principles inside and Discover the Diamond in You. You may or may not discover the diamond (for that matter, even a nickel coin) but the author, publisher, foreward writer and the upcoming movie collaborators definitely did. They have sold their dreams to you to make their dreams come true

What began as a marvellous ad campaign across newspapers nationwide is now the nation's best sold book. Hats off to the great mangement economist, Mr. Arindham Chaudhuri, who has proved it time and again that the economics of this nation are going to be the same, i.e., 'The rich will become richer and the poor will get poorer'. I was impressed by the publicity and decided to buy tht book. In a couple of days, the courier arrived and I had a tussle with the courier guy. He delivered the book and started his bike and I shouted at him to stop. I asked him, where is the book? He said that he doesn't know. I reconfirmed and he said that he doesn't know what is contained in the courier packet. I opened the packet assuming that flipkart might have forgotten keeping the book inside. But, to my amazement, the book was there. The courier guy went and I came back in. I quickly opened the dazzling book which had almost ZERO weight. I started reading the book and here is what I got to learn from it. I believe, I have learnt to succeed. The only difference is that I am not going to do what Arindham has told but what he has done. Arindam's passion for India has made him learn India and Indians by heart and he has hit the nail on the head perfectly, each time and every time

In India, 2 things sell like hotcakes. Sex and Shahrukh. And this book had the latter in it. The frontpage highlighted more about the success icon of billion hearts motivating all the fans of Shahrukh (99.9% who openly agree they are and 0.1% who deny but can't help being his fan) to go and snatch a copy of the book. Shahrukh has always come as a big business buck to companies. Be it ICICI Bank which rocked the NRI (as well as domestic) market with his photographs and signatures on the website, be it Bharti Airtel for which Shahrukh was a direct soul speaker, be it Dish TV calling of 'Santusht mat raho' or be it IIPM's re-branding campaign after all the information (should I use the word 'fraud') that has been openly written by the students on the internet, his has been a one name which has turned around businesses. Making use of his name in the book promotion, Arindham has proved to us that he is the greatest marketing guru who can easily sell a comb to the balds

Amitabh Bachchan is one name that Indian households respect so much that people stand up immediately on hearing his name as if the national anthem is playing (Sorry to say but most don't even stand up when the national anthem plays). Putting one line in his name has again worked splendid wonders. Remember 'Slumdog Millionaire'? When the movie was rocking and won oscars and put India on a rolls in the Oscar awards ceremony, our dear Amitabh and Arindham criticized it and asked people not to watch it. Read their blogs

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Comments welcome
"As you sow, so shall you reap"

kolla said...

Great Article!!
I was searching for something and i found this amazing article...very motivating, simply love these 9P's :)

Rohit D'souza said...

"Poverty in india should be eradicated its good for all the people,firms and growth of the nation as a whole -Rohit D'souza"

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Meenakshi said...

hello...Sir..Ur are inspirational n ideal person for us.It's a great pleasure for me as well as country that ur r Indian n u proof that Indians also a great Leader n idealfor a whole world.When i lose my confidence n motivation level then i remember U n i feel...that.. "Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities!Be confidence in your own powers you can be successful or happy.

Best Regards
Meenakshi Singh
Management student

nikhil said...

hello sir,

this is nikhil, i am an upsc aspirant, i love to read your articles. i like your magzine tsi vry much. your articles are filled with motivation. i have a request , can come up with some civil service oriented magzine. your articles would be helpful for upsc aspirants.

nikhil hukkeri.

Chinar said...

the article by arindham sir is really nice.. i liked it. i sorta got a hint about wat the book mite be... the book seems to be v simple but arent the most simple things in the world the most difficult.. why is it that the most simplest of things are pondered upon by the dew drop like limited use of the actual oceanic cerebral capacity of the human and made into a complex mess that is enough to confuse a hundred thousands smart wits... and as if this is not enough the lakh so called wise ppl further complicate the already complex thing and then when actual realisation of the simplest laws dawns upon them... it mite be called as Enlightenment? ( this is purely in relation to my experience and not in relation to anybody else, plz dont misunderstand though u may i beg you not to misunderstand ) or i may be grossly wrong being in asking such a stupid question as i m jus a toddler of 2 decade (literally) not to be big enough to ask such dumb questions...if i may say so.

vish said...

It is an excellent book which can inspire a person from within and it can really motivate somebody to achieve the pinnacle in life....
I am Motivated by this

mamta said...

hats off to you sir.and you really inspire and motivate people in true sense.your book discover diamond in you is really really superb.thanks for that wonderful piece.and your speech was amazing and it is truth that government is defending those who have power and status.this is also a tragedy of our system and gov.and we are pissing in that tragedy.

Naemi said...

hello sir,
Its really a wonderful experience book to read the book from you who is such a marvelous writer and hope to meet you personally to get more knowledge from you.Please do keep writing.
MY best wishes are with you.

Marsel Tudor said...

Very, very professional article! thank you for it!

Abdul Faizan said...

Awesome sir... ..Very motivating

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