April 30, 2009

US is setting a shocking precedence by irrationally doling out money to Pakistan!!

Imagine the worth of the 70 Taliban fighters that Pakistan is claiming to have killed in its latest, but disputatiously reluctant assault over the ever expanding and over ambitious Taliban. Well, hold your breath – it’s an incredible US$1billion! Yes, that’s the amount that the US government has gratifyingly pledged to give Pakistan for carrying out its indolent military operations against the Taliban, which was within touching distance of Pakistani nuclear establishments. While Pakistan is too happy to oblige the US dictums for the bait of $1 billion, what is completely getting ignored is the fact that this operation in the districts of Buner, Swat and Dir is nowhere near to routing the Taliban. And yet, Pakistan gets the money!

During the Bush regime, Pakistan had to embrace the American war against terror in the post 9/11 era and had to perfunctorily fight those very rogue elements which it had incubated, nurtured and nourished over decades. In return to this so called ‘favour’ that Pakistan did for the US, it was given billions of dollars and access to sophisticated American weapons systems under the kooky pretext of carrying forward the war against terror. It is a known fact that such weapons – many of which are intended for mass destruction – and their delivery systems, like the F-16 jets, had more utility in carrying out aggression against neighbouring countries like India than containing incendiary terrorism, which needed a completely different approach. Yet, the bizarre Bush regime turned an imbecilic blind eye to any such point of view and went ahead absurdly with supplying the same to Pakistan, perhaps with the addleheaded hope that such a patronizing bait would eventually take Pakistan away from virulent radicalization. Half a decade down the line, the very opposite of that has happened. Not only has the ungovernable Pakistan continued to be a safe haven and a breeding ground for global terrorism, its own homegrown, viciously radical elements have literally outsmarted its doltish master and are on the verge of taking over Pakistan today. This clearly vindicates that like every other policy, George Bush’s preposterous policy towards Pakistan has been a risible disaster!

Obama’s advent as a change agent was expected to usher in a new transformative policy towards Pakistan and the global fight against terrorism. Yet, unfortunately, while none of that is happening, all this while Taliban’s rabid crusade and the fatuous failure of the state of Pakistan continues. In fact, it is nauseatingly shocking to see the way the White House still continues to repose delusory faith on those very duplicitous people who till now haven’t shown much of a resolve to see the end of Taliban and radicals. It is not just about what happened on 26/11 in India, but also about the injudicious way loutish Pakistan is literally reeling against relentless terror attacks. The opprobrious visuals of the Sri Lankan cricket contingent being frightfully attacked in Lahore in broad daylight and the attackers vanishing without a trace, coupled with several daring terror attacks in police establishments, and the way the blockish Pakistani establishment has most gleefully accepted the demand for sharia in Swat Valley and proposed to expand it in other places, merely point towards the reprehensible extent of rot in the puerile system. At this rate, one should not have been surprised even if Pakistan had condescendingly allowed the Taliban to run over Islamabad and put its syndicant hand over the nuclear button. The reason is simple. At least, radicalization in Taliban is visible. The more dangerous fact is the extent of fetid radicalization that has happened in the exorbitant Pakistani establishment as well as the sanctimonious Pakistani Army. It’s hard to accept that the writ of the Taliban could have continued like this without the blessings of some (if not all) of the double-dealing Generals in the rank and files of the military establishments there. And it goes without saying what a fulminating role ISI is playing there. Therefore, one should not be at all surprised if the proposed $1 billion that the US is glibly giving Pakistan would be used for the very same purposes which had erstwhile created the Taliban!

In the month of April, the Indian Army alone lost nearly a dozen of its Para Special Force personnel in its operations against foreign terrorists who had infiltrated into Kashmir. Recent reports state that there are probably more than 400 hundred such dreaded terrorists, most of them Taliban fighters, waiting to cross over to India. There is no doubt that Pakistan would continue to do this as this is the only way it can contain the jihadi menace inside Pakistan, i.e. by channeling it towards India and elsewhere.

It is for certain that merely a few waddling bombing sorties would not end the termagant menace of Taliban and that torpidly killing 70 odd of them does not finish them away. The finagling Pakistan today is left with no option but to keep the ghost (or rather the body and soul) of Taliban alive and kicking; and to time and again allow it to come shockingly close to the nuclear installations to extract monetary and non-monetary garnishing from the US. Given this macabre situation, the odious precedence that the US is setting up – by allowing a venomous rogue State to carry on with its most dangerous game and by ludicrously providing it a so-called bait of money even while knowing where this money would eventually end up in – is nothing less than appallingly shocking!!! This is clearly just the beginning of the obnoxious show. If Barack Obama does not take a tough stance on this right here right now, then I dare say an unspeakably ghastly nuclear holocaust is not far away!



hanmi reddy said...

US did not learnt any lesson from 9/11

Azad said...

A country cant be more shrewd than the US. From Vietnam to Afganistan to Pakistan... How many more evidences would the world need to understand this???
The short sighted policies of US created Taliban which has become so menacing now!
I just sincerely hope, INDIA tackles US in an intelligent way regarding the nuclear deal.

Technology Journal said...

Hatred and love never dies. World can never be utopia, some neighbors will always love and some will always fight.

Life continues in all its glorious paradoxes.

Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

What if India becomes superpower ?
May be the question irritates others.

sm said...

What is good for american politicians is done by obama.

sandeep.aba said...


Everyone has the destiny,either fixed or made.Action speaks louder than voice.Mr Narendra Modi said "aatankwaad ko unki hi bhasa mein jawaab dena chahiye" i.e. tit for tat,bl***y fool.No matter US is desturbed mentally in these cases but the real worth that counts is the way UPA government handled the situation.Psychological pressure with little patience forced Pakistan to accept the involvement of their citizen in the Mumbai attack.
Now the scenario is completely different.Neighbour is in the verge of self destruction.They are in crisis but they didn't deserve any help.
DO THEY?Ask America what destiny they prefer?

Sandeep kumar,
Alliance Business Academy

sm said...

its price usa is paying to use there land.

hanmi reddy said...

Barack Buffaloed the Bangalorians!!!!!!!!

rakhi said...

US is the most shrewd country in the world, it made Taliban for its own benefits now, when their own country is feeling the heat of the fire they had started they want Pakistan and India to help them out to put the water on this fire.

Pakistan will be distroyed for Helping US and US is giving recession to the whole world due to money they are wasting on these stupid so called wars in Gulf and Afganistan but don't worry our India will maintain its pace of growth because of their strong Intelligent Man Power.

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