January 25, 2009

Don’t see “Slumdog Millionaire”. It sucks!

A phony poseur that has been made only to mock India for the viewing pleasure of the First World!!

The emperor’s new clothes! That’s “Slumdog Millionaire” for you… Five minutes into this celebrated patchwork of illogical clichés and you are struck by the jarring dialogues. The cumbersome delivery in a language which doesn’t come naturally to most of the actors sounds like someone scratching on walls with one’s finger nails; it ruins the possibility of a connection… Had this film been made by an Indian director, it would’ve been trashed as a rotting old hat, which literally stands out only because of its stench, but since the man making it happens to be from the West, we’re all left celebrating the emperor’s new clothes. The film borrows an undoubtedly interesting narrative style – from films like “City of God” – but then uses it to weave in a collection of clichés from the Third World’s underbelly for the viewing pleasure of a First World audience. The real slumdog in the movie is not the main protagonist but India as a whole… The makers and those celebrating this movie’s hard-to-spot brilliance are actually serving up India as the accidental millionaire, which in fact happens to be a slumdog… and like shameless fools we are gloating over its success without realising that it makes a caricature out of India.

The film does not have the sincerity and honesty of a “Salaam Bombay” or a “City of Joy” and nor does this slime covered fairy tale have the integrity or the rootedness of the above mentioned scripts, or even a “Shantaram” for that matter; the soundtrack and the performance of the child actors are the only bits in the film which live up to the hype. The real slumdogs who’ve hit the jackpot after wallowing in acres of human waste are the makers of this film who are now raking in millions while those court jesters who’ve critiqued the film and showered tributes and awards need to ask themselves why, scores of years after our independence, they still feel the need to suck up to the gora sahibs. It’s not a question of xenophobia… it’s definitely a well cinematographed film… but the film has no soul, especially after little Jamal has jumped off the train and become a teenager… The rest of the film is just a modern version of the West’s view of India where slums, slumdogs and Bollywoodian clichés have replaced the elephants and snake charmers. It’s a well made caricature of a country and a caricature can never be a Mona Lisa, for a masterpiece can’t be one dimensional juxtaposition of sadistic extremes… and that’s my grouse with the celebrations…

And I say all this not because I don’t know what is India. I know its poverty and the real statistics around it a little better than most others – especially the Indian film critics who have given “Slumdog…” an average of 4 to 4.5 stars! But the fact is that the film’s entire narration seems like the germination of a terribly sadistic and complex mind with the sole aim of satisfying the western idea of India – and its new found growth instincts at their cost - and it is done through a combination of illogical happenings in order to show everything in a disgustingly negative vein. Not that it doesn’t exist, but it surely doesn’t exist in this fictitious manner. While “Salaam Bombay” had realism, “Slumdog…” is just every scrap of dirt picked up from every corner and piled up together to try and hit back at the growing might of India. And the awards almost seem like a sadistic effort to show the world – look we knew that this was India, and these are the slumdogs we are outsourcing our jobs to. It stinks of racial arrogance and it’s such a shame now on second thought to see the Indian faces – including that of the undoubted master, AR Rahman - celebrating its success. There is nothing positive about the film and it seems that a deranged sadist has painted his insecure negative self in each and every character of the movie. It illogically shows every negative thing about India happening in the protagonist’s life... slums, open-air lavatories, riots, underworld, prostitution, brothels, child labour, begging, blinding and maiming of kids to make them into ‘better beggars’, petty peddlers, traffic jams, irresponsible call centre executives… everything apart from western pedophiles roaming around in Indian streets!! And its winning of so many awards and nominations only goes on to prove strongly that the paradigm of cinema and recognition of films are in the hands of a few retarded imperialistic minds. It’s a crying shame that our media hasn’t seen through this ruse and is touting “Slumdog’s” nominations to claim that India is shining at the Oscars, while in fact it is lauding a film that mocks and ridicules the idea of ‘India’, pigeonholing its identity into the straitjacket of depraved poverty for a global audience.

When the West wanted Indians to embrace them and their companies to come to India and capture the lucrative markets, suddenly we had all the Indian women, some very beautiful and some not necessarily so, winning all the Miss Universe and Miss Worlds. Today, they are in a crisis and India is looking unstoppable despite its slums and poverty, and they are losing their businesses to us. Isn’t it the best time to paint India as the Slumdog Millionaire?? All in all, the film is nothing but an endorsement of an erstwhile imperial mindset of the West and its blinkered vision of India. An English master has made an Indian slumdog. Don’t even waste your time watching this film in the theatres. It sucks and there is nothing great in it as a film too. Amitabh Bachchan was spot on when he said that Bollywood has made far better mainstream films. Take out a DVD of one of his old films instead…



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SHINU S said...

You are 100% correct. There is NOTHING positive in the movie about depicting our Mother India. (I think that's because the makers try to depict true slum story! They wouldn't find something POSITIVE there!). But as a movie it has SOMETHING positive. We can't blame people celebrating over its international reputation! We MUST celebrate if ARR bring to INDIA 3 OSCARS.(or at least one)and WE HOPE HE'LL. It's an International reputation to INDIA.
But of course there is nothing positive in the storyline. But the real positive will come after its International acceptance via AWARDS.


Sagarmanthan said...


thats a lot of BS and HS . Enjoy Cinema at it is . See the movie in the same light as " North By Northwest " or "12 Angry Men" or even an "Animal House " . Dont Forget the purpose of cinema . Your movies are absolute crap with no substance at all and this gives you no right to speak ill for others .

This is your old schoolmate here who knows what you were in the school ( DPSRKP FIY ) . I appreciate and am proud of your achievements but dont think that makes you a " Kushwant Singh" who can direct his malice towards one and all .

Keep your good thoughts to cinemas to the super flop investments you do in the name of cinema and to your senile financers and students.

Technolala hath spoken .

gaurav said...

Great article sir, i totally agree with you, well foreigners asusual by showing this film want to prove that the condition could not be worsen than what it is, its a day dreaming i must say so its better to come out of it and face the practicality of life.


Rahul said...

Arimdam, Thank you for your blog and am glad someone else felt the same as I did after watching the movie. I am a proud India expat working away from India for the past 3 years. I have spent each day of the last 3 years fighting the naive and distorted image westerners have about India and Indians. Inspite of the much hype about Indian economy and the love for Indian food, vast majority of these goras still have qualms about treating Indians with respect. I don’t completely blame them for this - I believe Indians are to blame as well with our imperialistic mindset. We still see ourselves as somewhat inferior to the white skin and have an innate inferiority complex when compared to anything or anyone white. I, as my bit, am trying and fighting this bias everyday - whether it proving myself at work, or at the shopping mall and getting treated equally to my fellow gora shopper. I believe it is now upto us to prove and show the detractors wrong. I mean how many times in India would you see a foreigner - the guy might be a toilet sweeper in his country - attracting all the attention above other Indians. I experienced this when i was in jaipur last and attending a fold dance and music show. I was willing and able to dole out dollars as gift to the performers when the goras would only give the ruppes. I mean i was loaded in comparison to most of the foreigners but the mindset of the Indians left e disgusted. I think we can all take inspiration from the Indian cricket team, who after long, have realized that they are as good (or better) than anyone else and are willing to say it in words and action. This extra aggression and self belief has transformed them over the last few months. I believe we all need this mindset to reach the position in world economy we all so truly deserve. sure we have problems - and I don’t deny them - but I don’t need a gora to tell me what those are - I can clean up my own house myself - thank you. my message to all goras who have preconceived notions about India - go clean up the mess you have in your own backyard. Trust me there is a lot of shit there as well. Jai Hind

Viswanathan said...

I truly agree with this article. One point I want to stress on this article, let the world talk anything about India, we cannot stop all those dogs barking. But why this Indian should involve in this movie like AR Rahman, Anil Kapoor etc.. They should feel ashame of working in this movie. Will AR Rahman compose music if the movie shows any dirty about his family. He should think the mother country is like his family. Will he compose if any movie maker write a story about his family. He should reject the award that was given for him if he is true Indian. He should be sent out of the country if he is not feeling guilty about this.

manasi said...

respected sir,
read your article and i m afraid i don't agree wid u even on a single comma.apart from your beautiful language i found the entire view of yours a very loop sided one.firstly this film was never made wid and intention to show the darker side of our nation. it never had the motto of demoralizing the achievements our nation has raked.it merely picked up an issue which has been in circulation for a longer time.this film is based on a book written by an indian author.so before raising our finger towards the "gorasahab" why nt hit back home? posts like these clearly show that we are still not ready to accept the little bit of dark truth that is left in our country.why do you wanna look at it as somethng very demeaning. look at it as a challenge.instead of criticizing the makers work on ways to find if sucha situation does exist nd try to eradicate it.no person can depict things on such a wide scale widout proof.since neither you and i have lived in slums it would only be advisable to check wid our facts nd then create an uproar.slums are a part of every developed country.itz a situation not just faced by india.mumbai was used just as a background.a canvas to depict the universal picture of slums.
secondly,you cnt blame mr.rahman or anil kapoor or irfan khan for celebrating the sucess.they have rightfully achieved it due to sheer hardwork and perseverance.the light of sucess which shimmers around them,is rightfully theirs.no one on the international scale is mocking our nation or ridiuling our willingness to worl under a western guy. it is your insecurity nd ur mind game which compells you to think that way.
and as far as the criticism faced by the film from certain oder components of our bollywood...the less said the better.it merely depicts the shallowness of r thinking.the lears and ekalavya's failed to create a paheli on the international scale which is basically cozing this uproar.
so in the nutshell all i would say is:your language is marvellous and flawless...but use to express some valid and mature thoughts

amkap said...

Firstly I would like to congratulate you for writing a bold article away from the mainstream viewpoint.
I agree with you 100%. A movie like slumdog millionaire bagging 10 oscar nominations) shows how low oscar awards have fallen. It was not a patch on Zameen Par which for some unknown reasons ( read as Indian Director's Intellectual movie on a universal subject, still a fact that goras find hard to fathom ) did not even qualify for the 22nd feb award night. And low and behold a movie like slumdog millionaire which has nothing except good music to offer ( a lot of cinematic liberty has been taken and the movies cannot be confined to realistic cinema ) bags 10 nominations...

indianyouth said...

chaudhuri.....this is a sincere request for you to be more realistic than what you are now.
there are few things I'll point out.
1. it's a movie,and for your kind information movies are for entertainment.
2. if your are so realistic why was your movie depicted with such false incidents which dont happen in general but remotely.
3. do you really think all the movies of amitabh bachchan are realistic that you advice us to see.did you forget him as a drunkard, criminal, theif..etc.,in the movies. do you think india is about these junk heads in general.
please visit thisisanindian.blogspot.com

reena said...

Your views are a bit vehement, but I also feel that Slumdog presented a rather derogatory image of India. It romanticized the poverty, slums, beggars, even the mineral water fraud.
Why are Indians so apologetic about being Indians? Why do we support slum tourism..

Sharad said...

Anybody can make a film, on whatever topic he chooses...
Be it Do beegha Zameen, or Slumdog Millionaire.
What hurts that this derogatory movie is being celebrated by the same people whom this movie presents in such a low esteem. What has happened to the country is utterly disgusting. We have been free for 60 years but still look upon the west as our masters. Be it in case of movies or Reclaiming our Land back from the bastards called Pakistan. Our govt. has to look to others in claiming what is its own. This is the reason why I agree with you more than anybody else can.

Mohit said...

i suggest you should atleast give one thought to what you are posting, it seems as if you have no idea of reality.
how can someone who has produced few of the worst movies ever be a critic to a movie that has won accolades world over.
definitely the movie depicts poverty, but i dont think anything's wrong with that.
and one more thing i would like to bring to your knowledge, this is a movie based on a novel written by an indian.

Mitra's Group said...

I want to know how much companies are active in rural areas and what is the exact position of Rural Indian Market.

kishore advani said...

I dont agree with you .. Yes as a country we have definitely progressed, but just because Mr.Danny boyle has shown the truth about our slums though his movie, its hurting us .. Every one of us are living in hope today looking at the economic crisis being faced by all of us.. The movie depicts a story that of an underdog from the slums who goes on to become a millionaire through the game show.. Thats the reason the title, " SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE ".. And some people are foolishly debating and asking explainations to the director as to why such a title.. We all love stories of an underdog who makes it big in this greedy world.. and we actually have a notion that success eludes the poor and is only for the mighty & the rich section of our society .. Didnt we celebrate when Aamir khan (Bhuvan) along with village mates wins a cricket match in Lagaan against the mighty british .. In the movie they were the actual underdogs and no one gave them a chance that they would win , but they did win, isnt.. so lets be happy for the cast and crew of the movie, and let them enjoy all the accolades coming their way.. The movie has won the Golden Globe awards.. now the Oscars are coming up.. Irrespective whether the movie wins it or not let us all be happy that it has got itself a nomination .. And even though the movie is made by a westerner, its INDIAN by heart.. I would have seen what would have been your say Mr.Chaudhari to it if the movie was to be made by an Indian director.. Tell me do our so called politicians ever vist the slums or have they done anything in providing any improvement in the living conditions of people living in slums.. Big NO.. They just go up there and ask for votes and beg to the World bank millions of dollars promising development & better infrastructure.. but there is no accountability of that money from their end.. To top it all we have greedy people like Mr.Raju Satyam boss , even though he had his own millions , he tried to show fabricated accounts and did away with the salaries of 10000 non existent employees.. These people are backed by our powerful politicians and he would just get away in a couple of months , because they know our judiciary system , wherein a case takes as long as 10 yrs before it is up for hearing.. The person who suffers the most is the Comman man.. Mr.Danny boyle has cleary indicated that a certain percent of the films earnings would be given away for slum development.. Out railways also earned revenue because of the movie being shot on VT station.. Will they put that money for the slum development is a big question.. It easy to cristise , but i would say Mr.Chaudhari, with due respects to you IIPM is a big brand name today .. and i would love to see you being associated with the slums and pass on a helping hand to them for their development .. Meanwhile lets all say " Jai ho" to the cast and crew of the movie.. and JAIHIND.. HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY..

GhostOfTomJoad said...

You're entitled to your opinion and have the right to express it but, as a journalist, even if it’s only a self-proclaimed one, you're expected to present a balanced view of things. Sadly, you don’t. Your piece on 'Slumdog Millionaire', therefore, is disgraceful and amounts to nothing more than the bitter outpouring of a prejudiced mind. The piece also betrays your complete lack of understanding of cinema and, in fact, of the whole creative process. But, that’s hardly surprising. What is surprising, even shocking, is your lack of awareness of facts.

Being 'Passionate About India' doesn't mean being blind to, and living in denial of, its different realities.

Monito said...

Yes you do have right to speech.. But you do not to make your opinions others'.. Let us start with basics.. You never say the film sucks.. You say YOU personally do not like the film.. Your opinion is not India's opinion.. Second whether or not someone made the film to mock India, you should not have an ego which doesn't let you accept facts as they are.. If you want to do something do something to eliminate poverty not to hide it.. Besides, the simple fact that a film is merely for entertainment.. I hope your ego is not inflated so much that you delete this post..

PGCC said...

Let Truth Prevail.

If you are so passionate about India, then at least this move should be an eye opener for you.

You have written in your post "The film does not have the sincerity and honesty of a Salaam Bombay or a City of Joy and nor does this slime covered fairy tale have the integrity or the rootedness of the above mentioned scripts..". I would like to know which part of the film do not have sincerity and honesty? You may be aware of this poverty but you don't like to think about it and certainly don't like some foreigner to show it to the whole world. Your post shows your character. You would rather ignore the sufferings of poverty ridden Indian citizens than accept the reality and attempt to help them in some ways.

Sneh said...

Hi Arindam,
Instead of blaming the makers of the movie you should try to make India a better place because nothing shown there is unreal. Be practical rather than fanatic Indian.


Research Works said...

Dear Mr. Chaudhuri,
I am sorry to say that it’s not just me but a number of other well educated, intelligent, lateral and logical thinkers like me disagree to your comments made on the Slumdog Millionaire. No one denies that Oscars do not always go to the deserving nominees. There is a lobby that works behind it and if the nominee happens to be in their good books, chances of basking in the glory of receiving the Oscar increases but then, that is no exception. In our country, each and every award is biased in its approach and take my word no one can deny that.
U have talked of portraying the slums of India and thus making mockery of India as a Nation. At the same time you have hailed the efforts of people like Mira Nair who have offered a similar treatment many years back. Why? If an Indian has the right to portray the dingy and filthy conditions of Indian slums, why can’t a British do the same? Fact is a fact and let’s face it. India is not the posh localities nor the wi-fi management campuses set up by people like you. A major portion of India, one of the most promising economies of the world is largely made up of dingy, filthy and obnoxious environment and if that gets reflected we as a nation should be ashamed of our hypocrisy and not blame the guy who has explored this grey area of the country. If you give a person a chance to make mockery of yourself, why should that person not take the opportunity?
Coming to the film. Slumdog Millionaire is a special movie no doubt in its treatment . It just does not highlight the Indian slums, the poverty, begging and prostitution but it reflects more on the eternal nature of mankind and that is the zeal to fightback as an underdog. It is a story of Jamal Malik who becomes a millionaire by answering questions out of his own life’s experiences. It reflects on the parochial nature of the society where people have the myth that only highly educated and intelligent people can win in shows like quiz contests et al. which is absolutely wrong. It is due to this nature that Jamal was subjected merciless torture in the police lock up for no fault of his. The movie reflects on a love story between Jamal and Lathika, a love story that has a happy ending despite the greatest of all odds. Slumdog is actually an inspiration for a number of youths living in the slums and who are being a considered just a piece of shit by many within the society.
I find no reason why a movie with such content should be slammed. It deserves what it has got. Yes, I do agree that a musician like Rahman should have been nominated at the Oscars for Lagaan much earlier for it had a much better music than Slumdog but then we need to consider that an universal appeal has to be created if a musician has to be nominated for an award of such magnitude. Probably Rahman has done that with Slumdog.
Dear sir, hope I have provided with a suitable feedback to your blatant slamming of the Slumdog Millionaire in the media.


desi babu said...

I was amazed to see the movie "SLUM DOG MILLIONAIRE", the screenplay of the movie makes me wonder the kind of research which has gone into the making of the film pre- and post-production. I am shocked, how can a foreigner (Danny Boyle) just look into India so deeply...i have been in India for 23 years now, we certainly have seen slums here or we see, but never even think of what's happening inside them.We are so busy with our lives that we don't at all care about what's happening around.Suddenly a foreigner like Danny Boyle comes in and makes a miraculous movie like slum dog....Looking at the other side of it, the movie though has bagged 13 Oscar nominations and got 4 golden globe awards, it reflects very dark side of India which should not have been exposed to the global arena...for example a young British boy or girl who has never been to India watches this movie..what's the impact on their mind, they think "THIS IS INDIA"...which is not at all true....the kind of message or the perception which the movie sets is not the true image of India

I, a proud INDIAN who is happy for the Indian film fraternity as some of the actors and musician's in movie got global recognition, on the other side the movie makes me cry and i wonder....DAT it sends a wrong message for a great country like INDIA.....

Abhi said...

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VICKY said...

Sir,its really pathetic that your views are really so sadistic.Whether the "goras" think about India as a Slumdog is a matter of debate but what you think of India is particulary clear.What we see in this film is just one side of India not the whole India itself.If some sick "goras" think India of a slum country with no Taj Mahal or The Taj Hotel and no idea about Chandrayaan or our booming economy instead of world-wide recession, we dont want their views on our motherland.
You being an Indian should atleast recognise that an "Indian" film is being appreciated by world audience.Please do not try to judge the sensibility of the audience by your own views.
Now "SLUMDOG".. well Dog is man's best friend but still its used as a
slang by sick minds,its like coin with two sides, which we want to see is upon us, so please everyone reading this, dont take SLUMDOG as a insult.

Vicky Karmakar.

Lut4rp said...

Wow. 'Fine' talk from someone who himself makes crap movies. I don't recall any of your productions ever getting a favorable response at the box office. It is a good 'movie', its meant to be taken in a positive stance. No where does it do a 'negative' Indian portrayal. In fact, as already mentioned by many other comments, our own Bollywood movies have portrayed worse stuff.

Dumb, really, how we in India fail to truly bask in the glory of someone else.

Crusader said...


ahem ahem!! do u know its an adaptation of a novel written by Vikas Swarup's called Q&A..and yea..to be precise Vikas Swarup is an Indian!!

I did enjoy the movie to the fullest!! and tell you what, friends from US and UK told me...YOU ARE SO LUCKY TO BE AN INDIAN...its SO VIBRANT OUT THERE!!

Boy !!! they dint find anything negative about the part u were depicting all through!

and yea..The Movie was not about Jamal(slumkid) winning the prize money or not!! even forth its revealed

Its much beyond it! The Story is Much beyond what you wrote!!

Its a story of a slumdog who never has seen dat amount of money all his life, turns down every request of teh host to quit..just coz' he knows his LOVE OF HIS LIFE is watching him!!

I would have definetly agreed with you, if in the climax, the beggar woman begged Jamal for money!! SHE WISHES HIM BEST OF LUCK!! boy' watch the movie twice n thrice, you would notice the positive features you havent!!

I have nothing against you...you have your own opinion!! Watch the movie as it is...its just a Movie to enjoy after all!!

A CHandni Bar movie doesnt make all Indian houses prostitute houses nor an American Gangster movie makes America, A Gangster nation..

I suggest you watch the movie 2-3 times with a fresh mind widout any stereotypes-- and tell you what, you would find one of teh amazing Human Emotional Journey eva!!

Sarmila said...

I read your comments in The Telegraph and wanted to get back to you with my take on the movie which I saw yesterday.Let me introduce myself first—I am Sarmila Sarkar,Reader in History and my immediate reaction was that Edward Said was so right.Then my daughter told me that I am too defensive and we Indians should lighten up.But your article made me feel vindicated—my gut feelings were right:
*It is a movie with a Western audience in mind
*Every culture,every city has an underbelly so it is unfair to focus on one
*Indian slums sell books and movies abroad so it is a cheap shot at popularity
*It is imperialism in a new guise and it has found many collaborators
*The only redeeming features are the excellent story telling by Vikas Swaroop which went unacknowledged and
*some very good acting and wonderful music
It is a tale of unmitigated horror e.g. police-torture of a game show participant is unbelievable! Except for the chaiwala, every Indian-from the famous game show host to the lowliest policeman was shown as evil. Even muslim bashing was shown as an Indian problem, what hypocracy! Typical representations were shown like India being an open sewer,didn’t that become outdated with Katherine Mayo? Anyway, they will throw a few Oscars our way so that we cant even crib—Lagaan was about our pride so it didn’t win,we have to be slumdogs to get acclaimed.As a person who works with streetdogs that are not mercilessly put down as in “clean”cities of the Firstworld let me end by saying SLUMDOGS RULE and so do we!

Technolala said...

Arindam ,

I guess you are now able to see the point , when so many bloggers have lashed out at you on critisizing something that actualy needs celebrating .

I repeat - Enjoy Cinema as it is . Cineme is nothing but a visual story and it should just remain that . Look at all the classics - wheather Hollywood or Indian - Where eagles dare , Victor Victoria or SHolay or Khoobsurat ( old ) , Golmal ( old ) . All these had excellent story and they remain etched in our memories .

Your movies on the other hand are laughably forgettable . I recall a golden dialogue rendered unforgettably by the golden voice Raajkumar - Jo log sheeshe ke gharon main rehten hain woh auron par pathar nahin fenkte ( People who live in glass houses , do not throw stones at others ) .

And I recall also the remark from Aragorn for the Hobbits - All that is golden , does not shine . ( Lord of the Rings )

Technolala hath spaken .

Nishit said...

Hi Sir

Great Great Article ...Iam an Indian but currently an Australian Resident. I was shocked to c dis kind of Movie. Dese Goras should world look at themselves..V should encourage directors like farhan Akhtar or Aamir Khan to make a Movie on d Druggs , Poverty, Begging and racism dat exists in dese so called First World COuntries..I live in melbourne which is suppose to be d most livable country in d world but after 10 pm u cant even go to d city centre if ur alone otherwise so loath and retard aussie will hit u or will stab u with a knife..make Movies on Aborgines plz arindham sir...u have d money make a Movie on Australian Natives dey sniff petrol , eat from dustbin, beg on roads, stab people ...why cant we show d world d real side of West...plz only u can fulfill my wish....thank u

Anonymous said...

Yo I am getting used to some of the so-called thinking citizens of India criticizing the movie Slumdog to the Everest peak.

But first thing it is a movie and it is a fiction. Second, there is certainly some iota of truth in the depiction of poverty in the movie. People like you living in helipad-roof buildings will never be able to see the swarming poverty down there.

Slumdog Millionaire is a movie of triumph , valor and love. I encourage our directors to make world class movies like these.
Slumdog Millionaire will be judged a classic inspite of your criticisms.

Saran said...

I really appreciate with you the way u described the review of the movie... Though m not an indian but being a truely citizen of a country, i would never ever hear anything against my motherland n fight with right for anythg that thinks wrong or dominate my country...


pankaj said...

Dear Sir,
today read ur article. and nice to see a braveheart who dare to speak against slumdog especially at times Mr. Bachchan was criticised from all sections of media because media found
something against slumdog on his blog.


Nids said...

The movie doesnt suck but i still agree with you that it was a depressing movie.Do we HAVE to show the slums,poverty,prostitution,begging to win awards.Is that all India is all about,We have so much to show ,if hollywood finds only this intersting why do we as Indians have to go ga ga over it.i wouldnt suggest it to anyone to seee the movie.

Tushar said...

Its sad that you found the film bad. I am sorry to say that you have not read the title as a whole its says Slumdog "Millionaire" story about rags to riches. You must have not roamed around Mumbai streets but i have and have seen slums dwellers and poor kids begging.

Its high time that we face the true facts and not run away from them that's how India will progress. And it has clearly been shown in the pic where Salim tells a fabulous dialogue "India is at the centre of the world, bhai".

And the call center part where Jamal, shows his excellence. Slumdog Millionaire showed true facts and nothing out of fantasy world. Danny Boyle did a better job and made a true quality film and not a money vending machine like few of our Indian directors do.

I wrote this comment because i am fed up of all the criticizes i have heard over the past few days.

Take Care and please enjoy the film as it is.....

Praveen said...

and sir...
why this kind of thought. Films are entertaining items. People have short memory, they see, enjoy, forget and get on to their work. Let it be India or abroad how much films have changed ones thoughts.

sekhorr said...

Hi there, I am really amazed to see that there are so many people from our country who actually liked this Movie!!!! I mean, the movie is good and well directed but i don't think it deserved all the accolades it has been getting till now..

I agree that ours is a country which deals with Slums and Poverty but the way it is depicted in the Movie is a disgrace to our nation.

Having lived for a decade in Foreign countries, i have seen and talked to many Westeners who seem to have a blurry and twisted picture of Poverty and the whole image of India. I truly feel that the movies like Slum*** Millionaire,make the picture of India a lot worse than actually what it is out there amongst the Foreigners...

There are people in the West who know about India and it's true nature but that number is very small compared to the huge audiences which this movie will go to.

sanyog said...

hi arindham,
I have one thing to say for this. We shuld really feel bad for this sad but true condition of indian lower class society. Its not only in dharavi but every where. Instead we shuld take a lesson to improve the situation.

Anonymous said...

Arindam Chaudhuri
I completely agree with your views. At a time when India is trying to position itself as a rising economic power a movie like Slumdog Millionaire (which depicts poverty and filth in India)is bagging Golden Globe awards and Oscar nominations. Rewarding such movies reinstates the Western world's sense of security and dispels their fear of being usurped by developing nations. America has been adversely affected by recession. But will we ever come across a movie depicting unemployed Americans living in penury?

JB Indian said...

Today I watched "Nayak" and "Munnabhai, MBBS" on TV. Personally I find both these movies better than Slumdog. Many of your comments appear right.

zimmerman said...

It would have been more appreciated had you done an iota of research before launching an assault on an otherwise fine piece of cinema. It is not a little known fact that the movie is based on a novel by an 'Indian' novelist who goes by the name of Vikas Swarup.

Yes, this movie does focus on a side of India that the upwardly mobile Indian likes to believe doesn't exist.

Yes it does - to an extent, that is - seek to satisfy the views of some - the 'evil' babus of the West as you so inarticulately put it.

Yes, it has taken a few liberties, most notably from the point Jamal enters adolescence.

But it does not take away the honesty of the depiction. Slums, poverty, prostitution et al. are a reality. Just because a few of us choose to sit in plush offices and mint money all day long, it doesn't take anything away from this brilliant piece of cinema.

Finally would suggest you to read www.blogpourri.blogspot.com/2009/01/review-slumdog-millionaire.html for a rather genuine review of the movie.


rainbowshark said...

Now, finally I find someone speaking some sense about this third grade crap film called "Slumdog Millionaire". I read your article today evening in "Times" and felt a bit assured that the film has not been successful at buying each and every other person. I felt assured that there are still people who can call shit a shit.
Leaving aside its portrayal of India, this film by Boyle is an utter crap and has no cinematic value. Some moron has compared it with "12 Angry Men" and bigger morons have awarded it with honours. Never mind there will always be morons who will talk nonsense.


Gaurav said...

There is nothing wrong in movie. What movies depicts is reality we see every day in India. Why are so unsettled by it? Just because a gora has made the movie?

You sound to me not any different than those Mullahs and islamists who see and seek conspiracy with everything what west does.

By taking your ads on full pages in national newspaper and by creating a label like "dont go and watch it, it sucks" you are just trying to be sensationalist. I guess you have your own agenda here.


Niranjan Maddy said...

This article is totally lop sided.. I mean telling A.R Rahman why is he happy.. I mean come on, he is guy who is giving music for the film.. A.R Rahman has brought laurels to the country and sadly more than u could ever bring to the country.. its a case of sour grapes.. Its a movie which is very entertaining and is a masterpiece. Vikas Swaroop wrote the book on which the movie is based who is an Indian.. So just for cheap publicity don't blabber sumthing.. You and Mr. Bacchhan are absofriggingly wrong. Cheer with the nation when we win an Oscar for this movie and don't cry on it coz u can't dream of ever making such a film. The West is way ahead of us in all departments and when a director comes and does India proud and makes a msterpice.. don't ruin the fun by poisoning ur thoughts on others..
U are completely wrong...

Anonymous said...

Mr Chaudhri ,i never expected such an aricle by you.Your views are that of a pessimist.

ESSCUBE said...

You have really said about the movie that really transpired in my mind after seeing the same. When you see a movie that has been hyped to such an extent that you really cannot come to terms with your ownself for it does not fall any where within your expectations.

It is truly hard to understand some of the people who say that the movie does not show the darker side but it is on a more positive side. How do these people know the director's mind, with what intentions he must have made the movie.

I, truly agree with you that the film really sucks and does not have any story line at all. Secondly even talking about the music score by Mr. A R Rahman, I would certainly state that it was not as apealling as compared to what ever I have heard him all these years.

Yes I do agree that there is poverty but that does not mean that we make a mockery out of the same just to achieve fame and some awards. Indeed it is not worth watching the movie in the theater.

chetan said...

You should not have 'wasted' you time and energy writing about "It sucks" movie after watching it in full, if you didnt like the movie at all Mr. Chaudhary.

Man.. i never expected such kiddish comments from somebody who is called a "management guru"; you couldnt even manage to see a pure entertainer in SM!!

"The cumbersome delivery in a language which doesn’t come naturally to most of the actors sounds like someone scratching on walls with one’s finger nails" - Just bcoz you have patched your voice to sound like an American does NOT entitle you to comment on your fellow Indians. And FYIP, American English sounds different from British, that doesnt make one inferior to other.

"The film borrows an undoubtedly interesting narrative style – from films like “City of God” – but then uses it to weave in a collection of clichés from the Third World’s underbelly for the viewing pleasure of a First World audience" - This is a shameful truth that we all are aware of. Be it a metro like Mumbai/Delhi, or a small town of Haryana, slums can be seen everywhere. So lets accept it; and from whom do you want to hide it?? Tourists coming to India see all of these stuff here.. traffic chaos, slums, poverty, bribery. Whoever takes interest in India knows all these facts; people experience it here, Discovery shows it; even you can see slum videos on Youtube(just search for "slums in india").

"… but the film has no soul" - The movie, righteously, is the feel-good movie in the recent times. It shows the slums, poverty and what not, but it portrays the winning human spirit. It never made me(or my friends) feel bad. Its a movie with high spirits, showing viewers that success is in store for those who take the right stand.You see Jamaal dove into shit; i seem him rising from it and win what he wants(an autograph from the great AB here)

Now something that i would like to end with - Today, we have turned from being India to being global citizens. This atleast holds true for some priviledged people who are reading/writing this blog. We make busniess trips to countries, work for global clients. Lets admit that life in some other countries is much more comfortable, peacefull and managed compared to India. Now i, as an indian global citizen, would want all those facilities here in this country as well. If Slumdog shows the poverty in India, its a fact; and so is that we Indians still are achieving newer goals and are a fast developing nation. The movie brings the fact to global audience about the issues we face here in our day-to-day life and how we make our way through it and win..!!

Wishing India keeps up its progress and makes the life of all Indians(rich and poor) better day by day.

Jai Ho..!!

tvwala said...

Mr. Chaudhuri,
I have gone through your article. What tremendously facinates me is your superb style of writing. Otherwise, I am hardly going to listen to your advice. I surely will watch it, not because I am sure it is a good movie. I will watch to guess what exactly enables it to be nominated in OSCAR in 10 categoies!!! A lot of films made by Indian filmakers have brought us many awrads from across the abroad. Some of them are cheap film makers and a few are master film makers, at least one, like Sir Satyajit Ray who is mainly known for his work PATHER PACHALI which also deals in poverty and poor class lives. I have seen several films of your production house. I wont say all of yours are good. I also really got amazed to see the way your bad films got critical applauses! So you also know this game of media criticism. Moreover, please dont preach others what you dont follow. Whatever menu you have tasted, let other taste it sir. Last but the least, between SLUMDOG and AAG (by Ramgopal Verma) starring Amitabh Bachchan, which one you would like to opt for? I will again write to you after watching SLUMDOG. Thank you.....Subrata Das, soobroto@rediffmail.com

Anita said...

I read your article and i appreciate your view point. However I feel that its time that we do some introspection.What is shown in slumdog millionaire is the reality. This is what is happening in India and i feel that we should see this as a wake up call and do something worthwhile to make our country a better place to live. There is no point in pretending that these things do not exist.
Most of us are getting so touchy about what has been shown but not sensitive towards the problems being faced by the unfortunate millions.


I wonder whether some eminent personalities like you and some rather ornate section of the media suffer from a case of post-traumatic imperialism phobia. Why do we have to be so threatened by a west which has more reason to be worried of India than India has from them?

And to be honest, if showing truth for what it is will go towards highlighting and eventually helpful the current situation, I ask you Mr. Arindam Chaudhuri, what is the harm? In fact, the west is doing our job and should be congratulated.

Like the analogy goes, a cat drinking with its eyes closed is sure one is watching, likewise, India cannot afford to be so naïve towards the problems it faces. As for the film, although I do accept it's not an Indian film and its success cannot be heralded as a success to Indian cinema, the genius of the movie cannot be put to doubt. That would amount to a great disservice to all the lovers of quality cinema.

I hope you respond to the numerous questions that have been asked. We would like to hear from you.

vinod said...


I am so happy to read such a truthful and candid review.When i saw the film i went through excatly similar feelings.Felt so cheated by the film reviews.And i have a good news for you.As it is ticket sales are very less..And i have a friend who works with a large multiplex chain and he says that probably because of your article alone the ticket sales were down by almost half compare to yesterday though today was also a holiday..I wish by tomorrow no one goes at all.Thank God someone told the truth.

Divya Wadhawan said...

Ha ha i find it funny that some people are actually writing that they liked slumdog millionaire..Shame.They must not be Indians.Kudos to a fantastic article. It surely sucks!

Milroy said...

Vinod and Divya Wadhawan,
I wont be suprise to know that you'll are paid to post that comment or Either its you Arindam.. in an fearful state creating fake accounts to post yourself.






Aura Respond said...

that sucker deleted my previous post....how cheap he is

goutham v said...

I do accept with you Arindam sir, but i don't criticize the movie completely, may be because may be it is uncovering some negative thoughts about india. But surely there must be a movie made which shows the positive aspects of india. Because every truth has to come out.

Rahul said...

Psitham and others - what amazes me is the blissfully ignorant world you guyss live in. what irritates me is the colonial mindset still exists. i am sure you are one of the losers who has never stepped out of your filthy little pigeon holes. what do you know or understand about people lik myself. i am not one of the millions of economic migrants india exports to rest of the world - rather am a very successful banker working with a bulge bracked i-bank (you will shit ur pants if you know who i am or how much i make). again i dont wish to complain about my problems - and trust me the problems arent mine alone - any half-decent expat faces the same hurdles abroad. and i guess its people like urself who dont jave an iota of understanding abt life - either in india or aboroad who can have such tunnelled view of things.

Vibhanshu said...

I think your review of the movie does not suite your intellectual capabilities.

Its ok not to like a movie, but to treat is as commentary of the western world on India is incorrect.

The movie is well made and has an interesting story line. Though I particularly did not like the movie, that does not take away the the effort behind the movie. I agree better movies has been made by Indians and on India but there is nothing retarded in the selection of this movie for the Oscars.

I believe a person of your caliber would put more objectivity into your thinking but alas you too see the world through biased eyes.

May God bless our country if we have intellectual leaders like you.

Richard said...

Mr Chaudhuri,
What you have written has been done in extremely bad taste and the purpose of cinema is to entertain hence the bracket of fiction comes into play. With all your accolades or your reputation of being a great economist and entrepreneur i think it is a "CHEAP SHOT" from your side and i wish that you take my comment not as bad criticism but as a suggestion that if you do not have anything nice to say do not say it at all!!!
thank you.

Somenath Chatterjee said...

I am sorry to say that this blog written by you is nothing but a refusal to accept the truth of an ordinary Indian boy's life.
It is people like you who are living in a dream world and believe that India is about the glowing success and money possessed by few.
Slumdog is a movie which is made in a very intelligent way and has captured the life of an ordinary Indian boy in a beautiful way.
There is no intention to humiliate India as a nation.

Somenath Chatterjee said...



somebody said...

I will not comment on your review because I think you have written it due to some personal/business reasons (somebody may have paid you !). Anyway, I think you should mind your own business and let the public decide if it is a bad movie or a good movie !

Venki said...

Someone in the comments list said that a journalist is supposed to have a balanced viewpoint. I dont know what a balanced viewpoint is. Its either this way or that way. Am happy that you atleast chose a side, and thats the only notion I share with you. I can see that you have nt read the book 'Q&A' apparently or else you would ve mentioned it or you ve read and have hid the details. The book is hundred times better than the movie for sure.As a movie I dont think it deserves oscar or for that mater even a bronze globe, except for the Rahman part, but the storyline by no means is stupid. In the recent NDTV Indian of the year awards function, Mrs. Hemant karkare spoke this 'After 26/11, the people seemed to behave strangely. They went up to the streets lighting candles, holding protests, but how is this going to help?' Spot on, I would say. There is no point in keep on talking about how proud we are of our country and all those things. This is no sensitive issue after all. I am as patriotic as you are for the nation. those who say the west is expoiting our poverty to make millions, why dont you exploit the mafia story of italy and make a movie and become rich, if u had the talent? who stopped you sir?

kapil kumar said...

When I saw the film I felt the same.And I told all my friends the same. I feel so good to read similar views from you. Now my friends are believing me. Thank you so much for writing my views. Thank God I saw it in pirated cd. This movie should not also be seen on a pirated cd!

Jeff said...

I have to partially disagree with you. You made a few one sided arguments and drew an incomplete, non-nonsensical conclusion from it. I am surprised you even run an institution. An Indian movie making it to the world's greatest movie awards, to me is a whole lot inspiring than reviews like yours that keep appearing time and again.
Hollywood works this way - You keep the audience entertained, you make big money. With the big money, you make better, India-shining type of movies. That's how it works. Let me ask you this, why didn't any of your favourite Amitabh movies make it to the Oscars? Does that make sense to a entrepreneur like you?
Be realistic. You will need to give away something to earn something. Nothing comes for free! Danny Boyle paid the price for the Oscars. He gets the money, we get the awards and the inspiration. Where did we lose?

Isaac said...

Arindam does his drama again. His article is nothing more than a jittery of words with a mince of some Indian movies and a sack full of your emotional outburst. He does have a not-so-bad career in movies. Instead of whining about the negative image created by SM, why don't he portray the bright side of India.
When Vittorio De Sica showed us the dark Italian life through the Bicycle Thieves, we all enjoyed it declaring it a classic. 'AC' is nothing but a typical urban-Indian for whom India Inc seems to be the only reality while the slums and the rural life of India seems like some conspiracy to demolish that dream.
SM is an Indian story told by a British in an Indian way. AC and many others who want to ignore the cinematic beauty in this film, should understand that their comments also represent their jealousy over not able to be a part of this movie venture. Bollywood is getting more corrupted by commercial goals than it has ever been, along with the political ambitions.
Why would the nation honour actor like Aishwariya Rai or Akshya Kumar, when these actors cannot even get to a minimum acting standards in comparison to Gurur Dutt, Dileep Kumar or Kishore Kumar. The next fiasco would be Bharat Ratna to Amitabh Bachan for his ties with Samajwadi Party and Amar Singh.

Nikhil said...

Many people have jumped upon the bandwagon giving their opinions on the movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ & what it portrays. There have been endless debates on ‘West v/s East’ or ‘First world countries v/s Third world countries’, at least here in India, if not in other countries. Well, as an Indian I feel that there are two ways you can look at it- the optimistic view or the pessimistic view.
Many people have lambasted the movie with the view that it portrays India as a third-world country, what with all the slums, riots, open-air lavatories, begging, prostitution etc. saying that it demeans India. One may say that the movie depicts not the protagonist but India itself as the Slumdog. And it may not be incorrect. Some may say that the movie shows the protagonist as an ‘Accidental Millionaire’.
But I say, look at it. The movie clearly states that the character learnt from the lessons that life taught him- he clearly explains how he came across the answers to the questions. As such, he is not an accidental millionaire but one who has learnt from life & everything around him, one who has made it all by himself. And isn’t it what India has done. It shows what India is- even with all the baggage of difficulties, disadvantages & impoverishment it has had to cope with, it has become what it is- a World Power to reckon with. I say, a Phoenix rises from the ashes only. This signifies the rebirth to glory, the glory India had in the past as ‘The Golden Bird’ & the glorious future that lies ahead. It is a pity that others see India in that form & we Indians are trying to take their views & beliefs apart piece-by-piece.
So, it finally depends on you which view you want to pursue, the optimistic one or the pessimistic one. After all, it depends on how you yourself view India as.

Rajeev said...


The most expensive review I have ever read. Capitalism rocks.
I thought the Americans were crazy, you really take the cake.
I just hope you spend time constructively on making a good movie after all your duds.


sophia said...


To see a movie or not is for me to decide not you and I'll decide if it's good or bad. We love to wear blinkers like horses oblivious to all facts around us. And yes we might be progressing but we have miles and miles to go to say we have all progressed.
Could you please tell me any part of the movie which does not happen in India. Go out to nearest traffic signal now and u'll find a beggar near you.

I could have shown many more scenes which happen only in India like candidates standing for elections from jails and criminals being voted into power or traffic jam that has occured cos all of was wants to be the first one out.

After seeing the movie I'm still proud to be an Indian because that too is our India

Sophia Joseph

anuj said...

Hi, i am a film maker avid film watcher.I don't think anythin of danny's previous films too.They are all dark and loved by my dark film loving community of depressing film makers. They really praised trainspotting and it was useless too.I mean i have seen his other films.His is designed grittiness.I could not see more than half hour of trainspotting..his most acclaimed work till this design was made.And Anil Kapoor actually degraded himself doing this one.And the way he is dancing away to glory doing that role as if it's his life's best.I thought it was his life's worst performance.I loved every every word of your review.Cheers! And yes, loved your writing style completely as well.

Guruvardhan said...

Amazing writeup sir!!

I agree very much with your views....As i watched the movie, i felt very bad that India and Indians were depicted in Bad light. But one good thing about the movie is its cast of child actors (who are just amazing)and its soul trend music... I do hope we, as Indians acknowledge the fact that India was turned into a slum by the very westerns with their conquests... Its we who need to rebuild the same and bring India to its past glory.. Jai Hind...


psitham said...

Firstly, I'm glad I can get under the skin of ignorant people, even better if he happens to be a banker with a bulge bracked i-bank :)
Secondly, I'm not interested in knowing who u are or how much u make ! U come across as a person with possibly a lot of money, very little class and even lesser SELF ESTEEM. What u need is HELP :) and that is even before u set out to make India a better country :):):)
I apologize to the others for answering personal jibes in the comments section.

Raj said...

I could not agree more.. I have not seen the movie, but based on what I have heard from those who have seen it, it is time that we Indians stop gloating just because we are recognized by WHITES!!. I remember seeing a couple of documentaries such as "Phantom India" (showed mostly the ugly side of India) and "Jewel in the Crown" (about British dynasty). Then there was "Salaam Bombay" by Meera Nair, a refreshing documentary. This "Slumdog Millionnaire", as you correctly point out, is nothing but a depiction of everything that is ugly about India. I don't like to ban anything, but sure would like people to boycott the movie.

anik said...

This has to be the most moronical review of all time.
1. The movie requires to show slumlife in detail. It really isn't Danny Boyle's fault that he chose to show slumlife in the most graphic way possible.
2. Most of us will agree that the movie is flawed and the script has its fair share of loopholes but the thing that you cant deny, is that it is a great piece of film- making.
Mr. Arindam Chaudhuri I wont blame if you are a tad bit jealous that you will never be able to rise to such a level of film making but that doesnt mean that you can say that Slumdog Millionaire as a film sucks

Sid said...

exactly..m your follower now..movie sux 2 d core..jai hind..

Chetan said...

Hello Arindam,
I truly agree with your view on Slumdog Millionaire. It portrays India and Indians in a really bad manner. Except for the background score of the movie nothing is great about the movie. The story is a direct lift from some of the 1970s Hindi masala movies. Only thing is they have blended the old story with the craze of Who wants to be a millionaire and cashed in on it.

No doubt slums and slumdwellers are there here in India. Their life is theirs and we know what they go through. Glorifying it in this manner and projecting that slum"dogs" (as they call them in the movie) can be millionaires in this fashion is a cheap act on their part. Some scenes in the movie are too disturbing and they project India and Indians in a really bad way. Espicially the instance wherein a US tourist couple's car is looted and the driver hits Jamaal. The US lady offering some XYZ dollars to Jamaal saying this is what US is! This was utter crappy projection of what outsiders think of us. Also one more instance is the scene wherein the people watch Jamaal answering the questions on TV. They sit on pavements outside the TV shops and watch and cheer. Strange that Mr Director doesnt know the penetration of TV in India.

Totally its a crappy movie and every Indian who feels for his country should oppose it for the way we and our people are projected in it.

I pity Anil Kapoor and Irfan Khan who have been projecting and promoting this movie to be a classic movie despite knowing what they are here.


IN said...

Not only me but every fair minded person be him Indian or not should & must totally disagree with Arindum's view's as SDM was made on Mr. Vikas Swaroop's book. Isn't Vikas an Indian? Then how come he blame the GORAS? And what's wrong in showing the reality. The whole world knows & has seen both faces of India's, I mean everyone is aware of boththe developmental side as well as the poverty side of India. And also why should the indians be crucified for being a part of this historic movie? One should be proud that SDM is nominated for 10 Oscars, man, its a great achievement to say the least. So, Mr. Choudhry be fair in your views... Ikram Nadeem / Proud to be an Indian!

deepa said...

You have summarized it up so well! I too felt every bit of what you have mentioned. you summed it up very well in one line - “Slumdog…” is just every scrap of dirt picked up from every corner and piled up together to try and hit back at the growing might of India.

akhil.t said...

It is not a depiction of reality. The director never said so either. It sure does not paint India as the slumdog in any manner. Any Director takes liberties, no one can question that.

There are several things I did not like about the movie, including the accents, but it does not call India a slumdog. You did that in your post, and I take serious offence to it.

PS It is anyday better than Rok Sako Toh Rok Lo. Thank you.

K said...

Talk about hypocrisy, you claim to have used hollywood management practices in your flop film.. Rok sako toh rok lo...
and you are sitting in judgement of a movie that will go into cinematic history as a jewel...???/ LOL... get a life, I mean really.

You have never seen the side of India that has been depicted in the movies, your patriotism is limited the 3 mandatory holidays of the year. And I dont think you know the meaning of a life in a slum.

So keep your poorly researched, narrow-minded thoughts to yourself. Or if you want a real education of the india that most people dont see, go into a mumbai slum. Live a day there. It's a challenge you should take up. Better still go to the garbage dumps and see what a rag picker has to go through, maybe talk to the families who actually live on the dumping grounds.

Dont sit in your castles on high and comment of the ground below, for you have not an idea of what the earth smells like.

Madhu said...

"Don’t see “Slumdog Millionaire”. It sucks!"

Just one question.

Why did you see it?!


(Go figure)

Anonymous said...

after reading the blog and the article on IIPM,Chennai i must admit i am rather suprised. I dont think people have got the point of the film. In reality it is another bollywood masala flick with a love angle and a happy ending. I agree that there have been many mainstream films that might be far better than slumdog. But what is it that has hurt Indian sentiments? The fact that kids from the streets get picked up to beg on the streets or was it that while a film star travels on a helicopter there are millions who are ready to jump into shit to get an autograph or is it the presense of gangsters in our society. Yes we are a developing economy, but if we dont face the realities of life we wont get too far. Just because a few can fly in helicopters that doesnt erase the fact that our country have slums worse than what was depicted in the film. Let us not critise a film maker because he dared to show the realities of our nation.I only hope indian film help uplift our society and not create a world of fantacy which is nothing close to the truth. Movies such as 'singh is king' might have brought a smile to our faces but slumdog has made many like me think and understand the realities of life. Thankyou.

Can said...

The movie has a lot of positives.

It affirms the human spirit.

It shows the healing power of love.

It shows how determination and

It shows the love and warmth of the poor people of india and indians in general.

Chris said...

Hi Arindam,
I was a bit shocked to see ur article in the TOI asking people not to watch SM. I sincerely felt that this is a mere attempt to prove ur existence in the film industry by writing down such an article on such great film. I have never thought that a man of your stature can stoop down to such tactics to get attention. U need to realise that wen u r pointing a finger at others,the rest are pointing towards urself. As far as i understand, u may not hav had a problem with the film if it was made by an Indian director or a director of Indian origin. Hasn't Salaam Bombay shown the western world about the slums of India. but still u like the movie since it was made by a director of Indian origin. i don't see much of a difference as to how both these movies (Slumdog Millionaire & Salaam Bombay) depict India. If you feel that the way Danny has shown the slums of India is not right, why don't u step down from ur luxury car and walk into the slums in Mumbai. Can u Cross ur heart and say what is shown in the SM abt the slumboys is not true. That is the reality of the slums of Mumbai. U need to accept it first and then start doing something to change it( if u ever wish to).
Finally: If u feel that Danny has tried to show the wrong side of India to the West, why don't u try and show the right side to the West.

Suma said...

Mr. Shinu,
What have YOU done for MOTHER INDIA till date?
I sincerely hope you have given something back to the country before you talk against anyone.
Come on, it is the story of one boy, who had one true focus - his love. Thats it!Whether it was India, US or any place, the story is about one man's grit and courage to go after what he belives is his destiny.

Police Wives said...

I am happy you guiding me and my family from not seeing the film.

For 518 years, indigenous people in the Americas have been abused, lied to and exploited in the name of "progress," including in the fields of education and research.

As Amitabh said all cities have darker side, it does not mean we pile them together in a dark corner and shoot in night to appear even darker.

Let someone may a film of Muslim plight of women; let some one show life in black communities in America; let someone show how sex is prevailing in young children and see the uproar.

Some comments who do not have any patriotism that movie is for entertaining -- to whom the foreigner -- who have started taking guided tours to Dhara now. Pl gives us a break.

Somebody says the writer was Indian -- he has said that almost everything has been changed in the film.

Show some dignity towards your people, be patriotic.

Dump the moive and its makers.

surya said...

The story of the movie clearly reflects the thinking of western countries about our mother India. And the main culprit here is our Bollywood. We try to imitate western style instead of following our own. And also Bollywood is aiming at foreign movies because growing market to international level will make them earn more.
We should create our own movies to make hollywood look back at us , instead of waiting for their awards . Worst part is they have indirectly portraied us as a "Accidental Mollionare" but our media and bollywood are praising the movie. Ofcourse Rehman has done a good job hats off to him. But as Indians we must not let them take over us again and we should not encourage these kind of movies that critises our nation.


Meret said...

Don't be a film critic or a social commentator because you really are inept at both. The film was a brilliant and honest commentary on our slums which we prefer to see in ridiculously romanticized rain dances! I doubt you have ever been to Dharavi in Mumbai - in fact, even Shantaram, the novel which paints criminals and slum dwellers in India as rosily as any Bachchan film, finds it hard to hide the abject filth and poverty inherent in these areas. Come on - face facts! If India is indeed a shining star in many intellectual areas, we are also a governance which does nothing for children blinded by thugs, rampant enforced prostitution and murderous crime which are fostered in these slums. What a script - fearless, to the point and stubbornly truthful! To write that the West prefers to see us painted in these colors and that we are pandering to them is simply to defend the indefensible. It is also old fashioned rhetoric and misplaced in an era where modern States are looking hard at themselves and opting for CHANGE. People all over the world now see with clarity and are invested with a drive to meet the challenges head on! Slumdog Millionaire is one unanswered question in India - can we make this sort of scenario history? Or do we shut our eyes and growl at the mirror.. and let the assault continue on those who deserve our greatest protection - our children?

jammy... said...

i do not agree at all with Mr. Arindham choudhuri. He has based his opinion on the premise that the only purpose of cinema is to entertain. but i believe that the bigger responsibility of cinema is to show the real image of the society and To bring to fore those dark aspects of the society which remain hidden in the shadow of some great achievements of some individuals. I am not saying that whatever "slum dog.. " shows is the only face of an indian society. Indian society is today widely acknowledged as a rapidly growing society. But "slum dog millionaire" reveals what lies beneath the veneer of this variegated progress of the indian society. yes the progress in the indian society has been highly variegated and urban centric. once you look beyond Delhi and Bombay and take a peek into the rural areas of UP and Bihar you'll realize the true character of Indian progress. Mr. Chaudhuri has lamented the depiction of "slums, open-air lavatories, riots, underworld, prostitution, brothels, child labour, begging, blinding and maiming of kids to make them into 'better beggars’, petty peddlers, traffic jams, irresponsible call center executives..." . Perhaps Mr. Chaudhuri has never tried to take a look beyond the dark glasses of his luxury Mercedes or else how could he have missed those hundreds of young ragamuffins who throng the streets and roads of an Indian metropolis daily, to beg for their daily breads. Mr. choudhury talks about "slumdog..." as a caricature of India. Has he ever seen those living caricatures of humanity. Those unkempt hair and those lifeless eyes which cannot see anyting anymore are the reflections of our own society. People like Mr. choudhury deny the existence of any such face of the society because looking at it eye to eye makes them queasy. These guys who spend their nights curled up in their Rs two lakh recliners before retiring to a bedroom which has got a Rs 5 lakh original M. F. Hussain on the wall in a 1000 sq yard bungalow which keeps the nasty stink from the neighboring slums in check, would always find it hard to understand why their doodhwallah was cribbing about the choked sewers near his SLUM. Maybe they have have not even seen the the face of their doodhwallah. these guys ride their multimillion luxury vehicles to their offices - a ride during they never pull their necks up from their notebooks to take a look at the kid who is knocking at their dark glassed windows. They flatly deny the existence of any other world beyond the boundaries of their own cozy abodes because the mere existence of such a world undermines the importance of their own achievements. I believe that “SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE” is not about highlighting the dark underbelly of a progressing nation. It’s about bringing to fore another face of our society that remains hidden behind the veneer of economic and scientific progress. The first step towards progress should be an attempt to recognize our obstacles and shortcomings. The movie actually brings us face to face to those facets of the society are in dire need of improvement. If you accuse the movie of highlighting poverty then what does the movies like “CORPORATE “ and “Fashion” do. Don’t they highlight ugly aspects of our corporate society – A society of which Mr. Choudhuri is himself a part. What is the purpose of movies like “CHANDNI BAR” , “TRAFFIC SIGNAL”, “Dev” , “Bombay” and “Parzania”. Each of these movies has been acknowledged as a master piece and every one of these highlight one or the other ugly facet of our society. This is what the famous “GODAAN” from Munshi premchand – the grandmaster of Indian literature, did.
In the end I would like to say that I am an MBA aspirant and thought highly of Mr. Management Guru. But the way he has published his personal opinion in a big news daily like HINDU, shows him in very bad light. It appears as if you are nursing some sort of personal vendetta against the makers of the movie. Very cheap publicity gimmick indeed Mr. Choudhury…...

Fake Rahul said...

I Don't agree with u sir!

Instead of criticizing a movie u could have written something which flaunts India positively.

Sanjay said...

Brilliant article. Indians who are praising the film should be shot. We do not need this kind of "world citizens" here.

All the gents praising Slumdog Millionaire as “realism”, I pity your intellegence. Do you know why Gandhi rejected a “realist” document by Katherine Mayo, calling it a “gutter inspector’s report”?

You guys have no idea how psyops are run over entire races. Stop being innocent babies who are easily outsmarted by Goras. When a neighbour pokes your arse^hole and claims you stink, it is not “realism.” It is something else. Develop some self-esteem for a change. Too much inellectualism is not good for health.

You will find that most of these rah rah celebrations and frothing in the mouth is being conducted in channels and papers that have recieved Western funding. It is the Whites who are pulling strings from behind and orchestrating these celebrations.

The Westerners have mocked our race through this film, and now they are running psyops in a way that we become delirious with joy at being mocked and ridiculed for our “underbelly.”

Indians who are praising this film are rank stupid.

Gulfu said...

Sorry i cant call u sir.. caus am not at all intrested in what to teach and preach... there where filims like company ,satya which showed underworld reality.. nobody objected it ..y?? I must say you ,amithab bchan and other who critice this movie and makers and jeleous of arr ,and other indiasn who got nominations for oscar.... have u ever got any award equlent to oscar.. poda poori mone...

Meret said...

Well said jammy! I esp agree with your comment about cinema's commitment to society.What you said - "I believe that “SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE” is not about highlighting the dark underbelly of a progressing nation. It’s about bringing to fore another face of our society that remains hidden behind the veneer of economic and scientific progress." is about the Eyes everyone should have to see...

mahesh said...

Dear Arindam,

You were the first person whom I found on same wave length about reaction to this dirt called SLUMDOG..... I dont know how any self respecting intelligent Indian can appreciate such a perverted depiction of India. Not only slums, our police and also the quiz master ANIL KAPOOR is shown as cheat. In my opinion this movie should be banned in India. Dont worry about criticism - you are on right path.

sandeep mehta said...

please answer following questions:
1. Why don’t you condemn movies like “Vaastav”, “Company” and “D” which comes and say that “DONs” are some of the best people of the society?

2. Till what time do you want us to be in a “fool’s paradise” and forget that we still have slums like Dhaaravi in India?

3. Is it wrong if some person comes from overseas and shows you a part of the realities of your nation?

Abe said...

You are ridiculously wrong. Slumdog Millionaire is a story about triumph and victory in the face of horrible odds. It shows the resilient spirit of a protagonist whose life bore meaning in the end.

The ONLY people who dislike this movie are INDIANS who are embarrassed by the slums. The slums don't disappear just because you don't show them in film. The film 'Boys N The Hood' doesn't present America in a positive light -- but it is still an amazing film.

India is a beautiful country, my literal Motherland and I love visiting as often as I can. This movie showed the resilient nature of Indians, even children, who make ends meet against all odds. It shows old India and new, religious tension and love. It was emotional, unrealistic, and I loved it.

India's slums and the plight of the poor children is a horrible reality and one that Indians must solve. In no other major city in the world will you have children living in such deplorable conditions -- not in Thailand, China, or even most of Africa. The problem should not be ignored.

The movie was great and every Indian I personally know living in the US loved it.

Yours is the minority viewpoint. We'll just have to agree to disagree on this one.

mamtha said...

I am glad someone is saying that the movie is not good, i suspected so and i did watch the pirated one because of that and it left me wondering what was it that every critic and media saw in the movie that i did not. I am deeply saddened by the fact when the west want to taint our image , our people and gleefully ignorant....and are praising the movie . I wish more people would sit up and take notice of the fact that the west are conspiring against us.

Mamtha B

Meret said...

Don't me saddened, Mamtha, be pleased that Indians are learning to see the sores and are willing to treat them. Don't hide behind a false and inflated ego that pretends that a few technological and scientific advances have filtered down in terms of economic, social and political security to our pitiful poor. Our people are dying in their villages of natural causes and govt indifference...they are dying in our cities because of crime and the social refusal to see their tragedy at all levels.

Manjunath said...


I tend to incline to your view on the entire episode.I need to admit i have not watched the movie. I didn't intend to. The perse Oscar has very little meaning to me, but for the truth like the Miss worlds and Miss Universe's it is a sadistic design of the Oscar/other machinery.
My thoughts :

1. What was the basis for the conceptualization of this movie.

2. I Have seen the poverty and lving style of the slum, even there , it is very far fetched to show a kid jump into a shit pool to watch a movie or meet his matinee idol.

3. While it may be true a large portion of the people in slums have no other choice, There is a Section of people which thrives in such conditions.

4. While there is a section of Indians , who work towards gaining respect for this Country , there are others who do not hesitate to exploit their own , for monetary gains.

5.A R Rehman is a good musician, with the oscars he may be more marketable in the western world. Please Hold on the people of India have already embraced him.

6. I do not have much to say about the Director , hardly know anything about him. But his mind set may not be completely neutral.

7. Saw on NDTV, some of the child actors in the movie are expecting for a better life after the success of this movie.

8. Last night on the 20th Anniversary of NDTV show, they have presented an award, the anchor had this to say to Danny Boy " Whether you like it or not we have adopted you as one of us, and we are already celebrating the success of Slumdog .......... here in India. (Look at that chaps chap's face).

9. Let some sense and self respect prevail on these media personnel, who end up influencing a even more confused INDIANS.

10. The West needs a diversion at the time of crisis to celebrate , whether it is waging a war on some country or meddling in others affairs or the Oscars. THE MIDDLE CLASS WEST IS LOOKING FORWARD TO SUCH ALWAYS.

Thanks for allowing me to air my opinion.


kishore advani said...

Hi..Sir.. Well i am not quite sure if you would be pleased to hear this but yesterday if you are aware , at the Ndtv Indian of the year award function in Delhi , Mr.Danny boyle and his entire team of " Slumdog Millionaire", were awarded a Special award for Global Excellence ..And if you did notice Mr.Boyle said he was very humbled by the warmth , hospitality and support shown to him in our country.. Full of gratitude.. The world is full of praise for him.. Be a part of his happiness instead of pulling him down.. I feel you should learn from him.. You are a Management Guru and people look up to you.. Pls be a little more humble in life .. And it would only take you upwards in life.. Goodluck to you..

vin said...

After being beaen up by the car driver, Jamal says, "I wanted to show you the real India...". To this the American woman gesticulates to her husband to pull out his wallet, and she says "Well, I am going to show you the real America!". The scene ends with a close up on the wallet and a 100$ note being pulled out. Now what does one make of this?

Heh, you people who applaud this film need some more education.

Sanjay said...

Indians who are praising this movie lack in intelligence. They are zombies who can be pushed any which way by the Westerners. Such mental slaves deserve to be enslaved again. There is no excuse for not being able to recognise an insult and instead pretend that it is actually a compliment. Such dumb-asses deserve no better than mockery by the whole world.

Meret said...

So - in your opinion there are no slums in India? No crime, no blinding of poor children? If all this is true - then accept that the film has made a statement which needs to be examined at home. WHY does the govt not do anything about these slums? Why are they allowed to stand and grow and provide more criminals to gangs who hold our society to ransom? The same gangs who prey on young children to make money for themselves? The nexus between criminals, politicians and the police is well known to all Indians - it has been put on celluloid many times even by Indians. Why the objection to such a fine depiction because it comes from outside the country?

Ashly A K said...

I agree with you, please see my point of view about this crime in http://ashlyak.blogspot.com/

Akshita said...


If you didn't recognize the earnestness of survival and the buoyancy of optimism that scores of your so called "goras" have recognized, celebrated, and internalized, you clearly missed the entire point. Most importantly, if you didn't connect with the pulse of the city that throbbed with unparalleled resonance throughout the movie, I'd suggest you check again - you just might be in urgent need of resuscitation.

Meret said...

Absolutely! The message of hope that comes through the fighting spirit of the main protagonists, the urgent energy of the people of Mumbai...you are so right! My views exactly!

Ashly A K said...

Slum dog Millionaire - A Terror attack on Indian BPO, Tourism and on our country India

This is what this movie shows :

Indian BPO :

Even the person who supplies tea attends the calls in Indian contact centers.
Indian Call center people lies all the time.
In Indian call centers, anyone walking in to the floor can access the database, and get all the info about the clients (which includes home phone numbers, amount of money in each account etc)

Indian Tourism :

The tourist guides you find in Indian historic places like Taj Mahal etc, knows nothing about the history and they tell lies and stores, which they build, to the visitors
And, almost any one can become a tourist guide
In India, even the kids cheat foreigners.
If you park your car in a lonely place, the car would be dismantled and everything (except the body) would be stolen with in minutes !!!
The above vanishing act would be performed by kids
You can’t leave even your footwear out side an Indian heritage place – it would be stolen.


Indians are ready to kill even their own brother for a night with a girl.
Indians are ready to do any crime for money and female
Indian police are famous for chasseing poor children kilometers
You can kidnap a girl even in one of the busiest railway stations in India, even in day time. No one will even ask anything.(Police are busy chasing children)
Getting a loaded gun is an easy task for a teenager, by selling stuffs in trains (and know who is Samuel Clot)
During communal conflicts, children are dressed up as Hindu Gods, and stands in the corner of streets.
All Indian men, except the hero, are cruel, and they are mad for drug, money and women.
Indian police can arrest (or rather Kidnap) anyone, anytime and troche them in all the possible ways, including electric shocks
If any crime/abuse is happening for an Indian child, US People are the only hope !!(dialogs is something like “oh!! My son…let me show the real face of America” and give few dollars to the abused child)

India :

US dollar is the currency more widely used in India. Even a blind boy can recognize it by just touching it once.
Indian class rooms are a big mess, and teachers are monsters !!
India is a cricket crazy country. If any one disturbs them while watching cricket, they go ballistic.
Though Indians are mad about cricket, they don know nothing about “First Class Cricket”
Indian super stars are villains in real life.
Indian super starts cheats in real life.
Poor people are abused, even if prove their capabilities in a Reality show.
Indians are ready to be covered from head to toe in human Sh*t, just for an autograph from a Super star.
Indians watch TV shows by sitting in road side.
People traveling on the top of train is a usual scene in this country
Indian talks in term of “Millions”, & “Billions” – not in term of Lakhs and Crores
Well, how is Mahatma Gandhi ? Indians know only Benjamin Franklin, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis

This movie should be treated as a terror attack towards India, since it will have major impact on Indian tourism, Indian BPO business and image of India. Do not watch this movie, since it will only give more finical benefit to the people who done this crime.

When “The Passion of the Christ”, we saw a massive protest all over the country. When a carton was published in Denmark, we saw similar protest in this country. MF Hussein painting created anger waves. But, when a crime like this happens, I don’t see anyone moving a single finger !!!

Do not watch this movie. If you are thinking of A R Rahamn’s music, believe me, he has created better music before.

Sohan Hatangadi said...

Dear Arindam, I was overjoyed to read your comments in this mornings papers. I was wondering if I was the only one that thought that Slum Dog Millionaire was pretentious rubbish. In fact I used the exact same term "Emperors new clothes". Thank god you have pointed out that he isn't wearing any and his shameful body is disgusting.

I was shocked when the nominations started coming in. Oh God I thought to myself - here are these snooty whites rewarding a crappy movie just so that they can feel superior.

Then when all out TV reporters waxed eloquent on the movie I thought that we were all collectively going bonkers. Can we not watch the movie and see the low standard of acting, the incredible nonsense of evil gang bosses who gauge out children's eyes to make them beggars.

And the melodramatic "Latikahhhhh" at VT station. Ha! Can you imagine finding someone some one at the station and then making sure they hear you with one "Latikahhhhh" yell?

Let the Britts and Yanks get their jollies from this dribble - I hope that we do not have to see one more interview of the star cast or the birector. I will BOYLE!

VK said...

This is absolute rubbish. How can an educated person like you have such a narrow view - amazes me...
Slumdog millionaire is a movie - it has nothing to do with India except that the story is set in Mumbai and India.
Why do we equate movies to the real India etc etc. It is beautiful story about hope and love - that's it, simple as that...
It has a beautiful storyline and slick editing and a good music score to accompany...
There has been talk of the kid falling in shit to get an autograph.. Instead of looking at intention and thought going through the kids mind to get what he wants and desires in the scene, we are looking at the filth around.. its crazy..
Considering the movies you have made so far I don't think you are an authority on good film making.

In any case have opinions - each one is entitled at least one... Each one to his own.. but your opinion in this case is ridiculous that it is a caricature of India..

India is made up of a variety of a things and I am proud of India and Mumbai but Slumdog Millionaire is not India.. its just a good movie.

Meret said...

Sohan - "the incredible nonsense of evil gang bosses who gauge out children's eyes to make them beggars." What is incredible is your level of awareness of what goes on in behind the bright city lights! Do speak to any NGO involved with street children and beggars and you will certainly be shocked in a different way!

Lalit said...

This is a very disappointing review from someone who boasts to be a thinker and has page long ads about how different his school is. A lot of hypocrisy in the whole article. When will Indians stand up and accept reality for what it is and either do something about it or move on?
It seems like the so called well to do, higher society, folks like you want to ignore this part of India and always feel threatened when someone shows it to you.
To the argument of a GORA making this movie: this book was written in 2005. Why did not a single DESI chap think of making it in a movie? Now that someone has done it and done it well, who cares if it is DESI or GORA. On the contrary of what you have written; you are the kind of folks that are still struggling with the GORA mentality and keep looking for reasons to bash them.
An what ridiculous comments like "look you are outsourcing it to slumdogs". No sane person make business choices based on movies.
Dude, I think you have totally lost it and need to wake up and smell the reality.
Criticize something for what it is, not for something it is not.

Meret said...

Yes! Its been written by an Indian - so now I guess A and the legion of "nationalistic" critics of the film will accept it as "art" in the tradition of Satyanjit Ray and Ritvik Gatak as you say...:)

senthil said...

With due respect to you I certainly do not agree with your views on the film. Why dont you see it as a film and not as if it projects the bad side of our country.No one raised its voice when books like Q&A ,Shantaram came up.Even they portrayed the same thing.They were the best sellers.Now if its the makes who are earning let them everyone does his own way.Unfortunately for you your venture into films was a bad idea. You earn through your colleges(rates as a top B school in India) which even the weeklies (OUTLOOK come up with statements like it never rated your college).So kindly keep these up to and let others watch these movies ,WAY BETTER THAN SEEING YOUR MOVIES.

Sanjay said...

Reading comments of some posters here, It seems some Indians want to be slaves of the White man again. They have become used to licking boots of Westerners and think that it is a privilege. There is something wrong with the education system to produce root-less jokers like these.

aadarsh said...

I am Nude, Close your Eyes
you have given such a 'thought provoking idea'about the movie.I expect such a comment from the'management guru' because they have charterd flights to fly above the slums,Benz to travel away from poor and black coat wich seperates them from common men.
You are criticizing the movie on grounds that India have many good things to show and by showing the life of slums they have humiliated the whole Indians.The director of the film have depicted the open air lovotries with four walls but you can see people using streets for that purpose not children but also mature ladies. They live with streets sleep in streets and make their children in and to the streets.No complaint.But you have seen children begging near your Benz at traffic blocks.Oh you might be sleeping.Have you ever seen or heard about the red street in Kolkata.I think no, after reading your article.you are claiming that you know much about India .You might have read about the corporate image of India,If you have the habit of it.Moreover the 'bad face of India'is only given to depict the childhood days of Jamal,that is 25 years back.I doubt that you have only heard about the movie and not seen it.
How can you advice in bold letters 'dont see the movie'?Are you the producer of the movie?You are not different from the Taliban leaders who are producing fatwas against films, music, schooling etc.You have discovered the greatest fact that nothing except the music is good.Why dont you criticize A.R.Rehman for being a part of such a 'horrific movie'.If you are not satisfied with the director then go and watch 'Chandnichowk to China'and appreciate the Indian director.
What you have done through this advertisment is the technique of marketing.It is just to croticize anything which is good and appreciated by most people.You have given a bold header and is trying to market your institute.You have mareted your institute than the directer of the movie.If there is a piece of bread everybody wants to bite it and you have taken a good piece.
Any fool who is having money to give a full page add can do the thing that you have done.You have to take a walk through the remote areas to understand how people lives.The best thing you can do is to spend the money which you have used for the add in leading dailes for the upliftment of the poor people and feel proud of it.Will you give free seats for the students from the slums?Dont do that they will get spoiled with this blank ideas just spend your money for giving them elementry education.Just try that and make India a better country if you can.If you cannot tolerate with the British Director and feeling too much angry,then buy a 3287263 sqkm tarpolin and hide the whole India under it and travel in your imported Benz and say "Be proud to be a Corporate Indian".

Venki said...

Hey Guys....Give me a break. Let us for a second see where we have ended, because of some management guru's cheap tactics. Let us not get carried away with this. Those who think that the movie insults India, I respect their views too, if it affected their emotions, but there are always three sides to every story. So let us not quarrel over some petty issue, when there are more important things to ponder over. 'Slumdog millionaire' is a movie and those who oppose it, let me say something, had the movie not gone to oscars, this blog over here would nt have happened for sure. Remember its inspired from a book called Q&A. I have read it long before even it was unknown to a lot many. Please read it, because, one has to know something to degrade something. Please dont depend on the decision of others.If you felt the same way,even after reading the book, talk about the book here, not the movie. The movie is pretty much an ordinary one and I think there s no better movie for the oscars this time. I petty Rang de Basanti and lagaan. But the point that I want to drive home is that this is no big an issue to be taken so sensitively. Thats more than a request!

rohit said...


SRK said...

Dear sir,
I completely disagree with you.I have never seen such a movie depicting slums of India.Its heart breaking to see that.Be it Danny Boyle or Maniratnam or any one this movie tells the truth of India.Nothing in the movie is unreal and it will be an eye opener to our sleeping government.And see how Danny Boyle commitment in portraying like that and our politicians commitment to eradicate it. Regards

raja thapar said...

Our Arindam is a geneous ! He likes to 'celebrate freedom of speech' but as long as he is the only one to do it. He hates it when others do it too. That's what is likable about Arindam ! He has lots and lots of money to spend to advertise a six column quarter page ad in leading newspapers urging readers not to see Slumdog Millionare; but would not spend a dime for the cause of urchins and scavengers. That's what is adorable about him ! The selection committee for Oscars is a bunch of fools who don't know their job. Our Arindam is Passionate About India (not the INDIANS, mind you) Be aware, of that please !

malpani.!! said...

I have a strong disagreement towards your article that i happened to read in Times of India.
I dont think that the movie is being made with a whole n sole purpose of putting India down.The movie is a masterpiece you have to agree with it. Its cinema at its best.Whatever the movie has projected about Mumbai i feel such things do exist right. Has anyone tried to throw light on the largest slum in Asia.But the entire process of Slumdog Millionaire is not that.
It just comes with a simple message that Life makes you learn a lot of things and everyday is a learning process and nothing is wasted.Its a pure underdog movie with excellent narration. It does show Mumbai and India to be heartless but its just beacuse the movie just shows that.
We've seen the malls the marine drives but slums nahh..!!!
Its just a life journey of a person from the darker side of the nation and to project that you need to show da darker side of it.. every country has a darker side..

You might even want to see the oscar winning movie CRASH.. which showed how a huge racist america is.. and you might even want to read THE WHITE TIGER written by an INDIAN..who doesnt have a word of praise for india in the book but the book is an excellent read...

So rather than spoiling the fun and art of making cinema.. by petty issues..just say JAI HO to it.. and wait that it gets the oscars..!!

JJ said...

Honestly I am surprised to hear such things from a person like you. Travelling in imported cars and pretending that the world is going great does not mean that it actually is. There are still these things happening here in our country and things much worse too. Just because someone was bold enough to except it and show it to the world does not mean he is insulting India. It takes a man from the west to make us realize what the dark side in India is all about and just pretending that it does not happen does not make it a lie. The movie is an adaptation of the novel Q and A written by Vikas Swarup, an Indian diplomat. Set in India, it tells the story of Ram Mohammad Thomas, a poor young waiter who becomes the biggest quiz-show winner in history, only to be sent to jail on accusations that he cheated. This has nothing to do with your so called men from the west demoralizing our country. More over the truth is always bitter Mr. Chaudhuri.

Sanjay said...

I am an English-educated young man who eats pizza and drinks coke. I want to be a slave of white man again. I like it when the white man ridicules me and shows me swimming in shit. I crave for his approval. I want to think that when he abuses me, he actually complements me. I want to be a house negro. Pls tell me where I can apply.

Aamod said...

its a democracy.

'right to speech, right of expression, right of information....'

i feel the writer of this blog & the film director both have their own way, it is we as who have to make our decision.

Invisible said...

This is 'India Selling' phenomenon....n not 'India shining'.
We r the proud Indians hoping to get an Oscar..cos India sells well outside.

Hope somebody...realises that it was first written by an indian and was lying in ruins....why has it caused such a storm after Mr. Danny made a film out of it?

Kannan said...

A good economist or a finance manager is one who is good at cutting costs and enhancing profits....
You obviously lack that skill..
You have used 4732 characters to express 'the suck' view that could have been done in less than 400 characters.....And you call yrself a GURU...

Venki said...

oops!! Some one s getting too emotional. Let me too. I once happened to enter a ATM centre in Bellary, a city in north Karnataka, not the greatest of place to live in, but surely not the worst too. People just kept on coming inside and stand behind me, when it was my turn inside the ATM. I just stopped, starred at them and asked them to go out. I said its the rules. Guess what they said Mr.Jobseeker "This is India. Idhar aisa hi hoga." I didnt leave it there. I was determined to get them out. Alas,I was the one who was made to get out without withdrawing money. I do not enjoy when I see an Indian is shown swimming in shit, but it s the truth. You can apply in India Inc.

RocK said...

One of my friend told me that the movie is quite good .
I don't no about the movie but believe me its your article which sucks.
If you are having so much of problem with the movie and the movie is hurting you patriotically so much than do something or else keep your Patriotism in your pocket

Venki said...

I really dont have anything against Mr.Chaudhari. But look at the profanity the 'management guru' does.
Just read the title once again, "Don’t see “Slumdog Millionaire”. It sucks!" Does it sound like a title sculpted by a managerial epitome?!
Well, I too do not believe that slumdog milionaire is a great film to get an Oscar, but do not support such strong and stupid criticism. He could have said in a decent manner that, the movie shows India in poor light. I think its no serious issue after all. The book has a highly intriguing plot and the movie is ok. Thats it.

Monu said...

Good to hear that some has the guts to speak on National Newspapers and the truth. Hats off to you Mr Arindam.

Casanova said...

I really can't agree with you 100% that the movie has been made with the intentions to mock India for the viewing pleasure of the First World. Well if you see western movies they always try show reality in their movies instead of portraying unrealistic things which some of our Bollywood actors and actresses do. It's that we don't wanna see reality in a movie where as we are not at all not afraid of facing it in our daily life. Movies in India are a thing for entertainment and we only like to see hero, heroines dancing around the trees and we refuse to accept harsh reality being shown in a movie. Well this is a part of India we can't deny there are slums in India and yes, there are more than 50% people living below poverty line and we have got to accept it. Before pointing fingers at the gora sahibs have we ever asked ourselves who is responsible for making these goras think India as a third world country? It's us, who allowed them to think that way. The person who has written this post he has also served some gora in some way. So why pointing fingers on them instead we should try and concentrate on our responsibilities. However in my view "Slumdog Millionaire" is a very optimistic movie with realistic background and the director has no in intention of showing India a very poor and under developed country.

VR4U said...

Hi Arindam,

With so many comments I wonder whether would look into my thoughts. I commend you for honestly sharing your thoughts but I am afraid you have bcom too emotional and less rational.

1) If you say that India is projected as a murky nation then it is not even a funky nation as Karan Johar presents in his movie. I think it is wise enough to see the core message of the movie than get into details which are not intended to present.

2)I am wondering whether you wrote anything about the movie "Kabhie Alvida Na Kahena" with Amitabh as a sexy Sam. Can we come to conclusion about what India is by seeing this movie, i.e. walking out of marriage when you dissatisfied with your partner and run away with another person's partner?

3) I am sad that instead of being moved by the other side of the booming India, wherein there is pathetic poverty and atrocities over children and doing something for them, we are unnecessarily fighting over the words in vain. And what are the affluent Bollywood icons are doing for such poverty stricken, physically abused kids which is actually the other part of the reality of our nation?

Chinappa S.D.

rainbowshark said...

Forget about the portrayal of India. I dont give a damn. But as far as the film is concerned it is a bullshit. Some fools have heaped laurels and bigger fools are in the queue. So its a chain reaction. But think unbiasedly for once. This film is nothing more than a third grade love story with a happy ending. The characters have absolutely no depth and appear just a part of the chain of incidents. Why does Salim become so generous towards Latika at the end?
Wake up man !! This film is as far removed from reality as any other Bollywood film. This is a good piece of shit. "A Masterpiece" which people will forget in a year.


praveen said...


If you say that no such negatives exist in India, then its obvious you are pretending not to see them. yeah, you are right the film shows the negatives of India. But its nothing exaggerated. You can't deny that such things exist. There's no point in camouflaging things.

And you can't blame A.R Rahman for showcasing his talent when opportunity knocks. Since ARR composed music for the movie doesn't mean that he encouraged such evils in the society or he brought a disgrace to the country. Rather than blaming others that they disclosed the dark sides of the country, better try writing articles on eliminating such negatives.
Every one knows, the country has come a long way since its independence and has proved to be a worthy competitor to world nations, but still we witness one-eyed kids in railway junctions running behind people and young women seducing men at street-ends for their daily bread. You can't deny the fact. And denying negatives doesn't mean that you are patriotic enough.

சுழியம் said...

Dear Arindam,

I want this article be translated in Tamil and send it to the scholarly tamil site www.tamilhindu.com.

I need your permission.

My email ID: cuziyam@gmail.com

brikesh said...

your article is nothing but jealousy and frustration coming out of a loser who once wants to make it big in bollywood, your looks are mirror breaking so you can never be cast as an actor, so you thought you will make cutting edge films and you came out with a master piece called as "rok sako toh rok lo" which had sunny deol with his fake tattooed arms roaming around college campus beating up people, it deserved oscar nominations in all categories but because its made by an indian director it dint make it, that was a sad day for indian cinema. your might is high that all the newpapers think they are too small to feature you so you buy your own ad space, no magazines wanna print your crap so you launced your own magazine. you know what? make a sequel to "rok sako toh rok lo" and launch parallel oscar award ceremony, nominate you film and honour it with all the awards and print a million copies of each news paper next day celebrating your film winning oscars. yeh kaisi rahi?? jai ho arin dumb baba

abhash said...

Read ur article...I m afraid i don't agree wid u even on a single comment first of its a movie nt documentry on India..nothin wrong..in it..its fashionable to crticise popular things...or good wrk..I believe mr chaudhuri is also caught in d same syndrome....or he may be feelin bad y dont he got idea of makin dis movie..when he was makin movie for d first time he said he know d password hw to make blockbustre like yas raj n all...he failed dere miserable..nw he has missed a oscar nomination..since d idea never came to his mind..its tough to get original idea..after watchin ur movie evryone will agry wid me....we'll watch slumdog millionaire...ROK SAKO TOH ROK LO....

Sanjay said...

"we'll watch slumdog millionaire...ROK SAKO TOH ROK LO...."

I will lick white man's boots and clap when he shows Indians eating shit. Rok sako toh rok lo...!!!!!!! I will grovel and crawl on the ground.. rok sako to rok lo.. I will be a house negro and Uncle Tom.. rok sako to rok lo... I will take pride in my slavery ... rok sako to...

Defender said...

Well you are right but at the same time why are you trying to disguise the very fact that whatever is shown is how things are in India. Do you think everybody wear spec like you or roam about in expensive cars and earn millions in the name of education (business). You suck indeed and big time. Face the truth, you dont get a bird view by being among the crowd but from an elevation.

rakshathi said...

Mr. Arindam Chaudhuri,
One question for you
Would you have written such an article if this film was directed by an INDIAN?I hope you would'nt have.
Ofcourse it's very much predicted that such a film being shot by a foreign individual, showcasing all the atrocities of Indian slums will give rise to sentimental controversies amongst Indians. But this is a reality which I know, you know and everybody know including the west. I don't condemn such a movie being shot by a foreign individual but I strongly condemn such a movie bagging innumerable awards, nominations and Indians making a hype out of it. There is an endless list of movies made by our Indian directors which have shown the reality in better ways without much glamor, capturing the reality as it is. If this has won so many awards many of our Indian movies should win double the number of what this has won. I totally agree with you with the fact that the giving of awards is in the hands of imperialists, but I personally didn't feel that the movie as such deserves so much of condemn. It seems you have opened up all your sadism and insecure negative self in the article.
In summary I don't condemn the movie but I strongly condemn the hype and the awards which have went with it and also the fact that Indians are celebrating this as a honor WHEN ACTUALLY IT IS NOT.

Synergy said...

You have a giant chip on your shoulder, Arindam. 'Slumdog Millionaire' is based on a story written by an Indian. A foreigner merely made a terrific film out of it. The reality is stark, yes -- but what's your problem with the truth? The actors are brilliant, the music is wondrously edgy, the cinematography and editing are superb. Here's a tale where love and loss and hope culminate in the real possibility of dreams coming true. Lighten up, man!

AnonymousBrains said...

You sound exactly like a hypocritical hack just as every other politician in India. You all ask us to ignore the problem (i.e. people living in slums) and try to show us the big bad white man (or whatever you can use to divert the attention to). You are probably ignorant as well to not know that the movie is based on a book written by an Indian.
The fact is, there are lots of poor people in this country and it doesn’t matter whether an Indian tells it or Englishman points it out. We, the people (at least some of us), make up our own mind by getting perspective on things from various sources. You can’t tell us to ignore someone else’s opinion. After all, this is just a movie (supposed to entertain); Do not throw a fit like it is text book given to a tenth grader.
After all, you published your opinion as a paid advertisement in news papers. Money can make you famous, but not intelligent and authentic. Deep inside you probably know that you are fake to go to such pathetic ways of promoting yourself and your business. Did you even write this on your own or hire a ghost writer? This tactic to exploit people’s patriotic emotions to improve your image is disgusting.
Next time you want to say something useful other than cooking up conspiracy theories, may be write something good like how we can bring these slum dogs out of poverty. Then we will all bow to you!!!

Venkat Parthasarathy said...

Spot On Mr. Chaudhuri...! Totally agree with you... further I have the same opinion on The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga...!

These guys suck!

Anonymous said...

dear arindam,

it's interesting to see how much passion you have for your nation...wonder how many 'slumdogs' have made it to your institution on full scholarships.

and maybe you should read this post: http://mentalsyrup.wordpress.com/2009/01/25/slumdog-millionairewhat-a-player/


AB said...

This is plain ridiculous! Can we please move on from the state of denial..Any Indian living in a metro knows how disconnected a certain section of our society are from the 'shining india' image that we desperately try to sell! Plus for the love of god, the movie is an adaptation from a novel written by a senior indian diplomat! where did the whole western conspiracy theory come from?? An educated person like yourself should stay away from such cheap publicity stunts that is normally used by our netas!And your final piece of advice to pick up an AB film, guess that explains your standards when it comes to movies! We can run , but we cant hide- let us try and get inclusive growth before trying to bash anyone who depicts reality.A few million middle class graduates are not what india is about. If you dont like the slums, move to the villages to see the real pain and suffering of the Aam Admi..that is India for you , where the majority lives. Till the moment we dont do anything to include the masses in our success stories, we will have to hang our head in shame.. Sad,but true..

Kiran said...

I dont agree completely with you - nor do I disagree completely.

I think Slumdog Millionaire is a good movie, actually a must-watch .. mainly because of the harsh reality of the life in slums which it portrays. Of course, there have been several similar Bollywood films, so I dont see what the whole Oscar hungama is all about. If this movie deserves to be nominated for Oscars, then there are a host of Bollywood movies which ought to have been too!

Another shortcoming (??) with the movie is that it does not offer a solution to the problem it portrays - but then, that might never have been the intention in the first place! Its like telling the audience - "This is the true state of affairs in the slums of India". It is up to the audience to look for ways to help.

I conclude with the comment that in order to solve a problem, it is necessary to know that the problem exists in the first place. Thats where movies like Slumdog Millionaire come in.

Sivaramakrishnan M B said...

I agree with the sentiments expressed in the article. If you make the hero or the heroine suffer more, you can definitely add a cupboard in your home to keep your awards and shields. In India, movies on poverty, domestic violence, caste discrimination, age old profession etc., fetches award. People's mindset is tuned to enjoy the sufferings of others. When any natural disaster happens, the media keeps covering it right away and people are glued to their TV sets.

When Tsunami struck India, people very far from the sea shore, took their cars and bikes to watch how much distruction has happened.

If a TV clipping shows a boy getting washed away in flash floods, people never take their eye balls from their TV sets.

Similarly this movie has got more recognition as it shows the dark side of India. Every websites and TV channels give 4 or 5 stars for this movie, only because it has won Golden globe and nominated for Oscars

Had this movie been released in India, a month back, the same reviews would have given less than 3 stars to this movie

selva kumar said...


i think it's time for you to see atleast a few of satyajit ray's movies and his depiction of india. i don't think it's any different.

Pooja said...

Good Work Mr. Chaudhuri...seems to be people are so worried about Slumdog writing dedicatedly to make people believe that it is Good.. But it sucks!!!
Those who can't see that how the image of India was put on fire are ruthless and have no heart towards the Nation and its pride...

Slumdog Millionaire truely Sucks...

Seethamraju said...

I always used to appreciate articles written by you.Seriously I agree that movies like "slumdog millionaire" are just to show India in a bad way.
I have one big question for all the people who are against the views of Arindam choudary...
Why don't you first try to correct by giving something to the poor of India and let no one like Danny Boyle ever even think of making a movie like that.
And to CHINMOY...
Sir it seems like you would even enjoy watching a part of your house burning and say "enjoy reality as it is.i am enjoying it"...come on!!! first try to mend your own house before you ask someone else to enjoy it being destroyed.
And Danny has no right even to call the peole living in the slums as DOGS.

abhishek said...

Hi Arindam excellent and thank u very much for ur extraordinary commnet about slum dog.When i heard that slum dog went for OSCAR award I was very happy because that day only i got to know that oscar is a bullshit award.Also I got to know that why directors like Guru dutt,raj kapoor,vijay anand,vimol roy,sekhar kapoor,vinod copra,hrishikesh mukharjee,V shantaram.mehboo khan movies nvr got any oscar..now i am vry happy that indian directors have better talent than hollywood directors.

vaidehi ! said...

are you insane ???????
dont you know he has potrayed reality???
this is what it is .... to all you people who feel india has been potrayed negatively ... guys please get out of the house walk on the roads enter the slum and see what their living conditions are alright. there is no point hiding it. if you're so ashamed do something about the situation rather than sitting and criticizing an ace director and some indians who are ready to take things as they are in india. i think you are amongst those people who will also criticize movies like water and salaam bombay ... ooh why? because they potray reality ... 'ooh no it shows what mistakes india is making. hide it hide people we dont want the world to know. we dont care if the practices continue.'
im really ashamed to read what you write.
its true indian will just keep thinking 'mera bharat mahaan' but do nothing to make it mahaan.

Prashant Kr Singh said...

Disagree. Its a beautiful movie and and really touches the heart. You will love it unless you are hell bent to make a propaganda out of it.

abhishek said...

I think some people here don't know about movies..due to these people our good directors are making useless movie.all who dont know about hindi movies ..plz watch shree420,do beegha zameen,satyakam,guide,pyasa,kagaz kephool,satyam shivam sundaram,jagte raho,ram teri ganga maili,kaal aaj aur kaal,mera naam joker,bombai ka babu,ek ruka hua faisla and so many...plzdont only watch try to understand what is there and wht message is given in the movie..if again u don't understand then plz ask me..

INDIAN said...

Arindam, Slumdog Millionaire is a film made by Millionaire Slumdogs. Let the dogs bark. Does it shake India? NO.

Western world has virtues like Sodomy, Homosexuality, Racism, Robbery in the name of Colonisation and Business, Creating wars with one hand and selling arms with another and the mouth talking peace, incest and what not....
Have they ever given one virtue to the world like India?
We see news of an elderly westerner getting away free using his money power after having sex with small kids. Are they humans?

And when such millionaire slumdogs make the movie like this, what else can you expect?

Let the dogs bark. India shall shine forever. We have heritage over several thousand years and it surely cannot be destroyed by notions of nations that are just a few hundred years old.

A day will come when India becomes the super power and the world follows it. Even then, we will have the sanity not to produce a film like this and hurt others. We belive in dharma and ahimsa and that is what gives us the great and unshakable foundation.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai.


Dheeraj said...

I think your views are similar to those who trashed a mangalore pub just because some women were drinking there. Even if the movie does show darker side of India, does it not show the truth? Haven't the riots of 1993 happened in reality, are not young children maimed for begging and aren't we in a habit of fleecing tourists. Isn't "India at the centre of the world" today. The movie has become an instant hit not because it depicts India poorly but because of some great direction and awesome acting. And surely if some Indian director had directed the movie it would have been trashed. Lokk what they did to "Memento" while making ghajini.
We should stop being pseudo-patriotic and take a realistic view of things. Patriotism does not mean you trash the man that tells the truth about your country.

nitesh said...

Arindam Chaudhari’s understanding of cinema is as good as the paanwallah in my neighborhood.

Wonder why people don’t have so many problems when Bollywood or mainstream films go about taking their precious ” realism” for six. And I have never understood what they do really mean by realism and experimental( a new fad in mainstream industry).

Had this movie been made here, it would be fantasy(though the film would have no cinematic style)

And I’m sure he would never know what a film style is, because of the generalized vocabulary people have looking at the medium.

Go and watch this film folks and enjoy! And remember to add that our filmmakers need to learn how to use the camera

Sanjay said...

I am a westernised Indian. I drink Coke and hang around at bars. I think White Man has done us all a favour by showing Indians swimming in running sewage. This is a great compliment to us all as per my deep understanding. I want to kiss the shoes of White Man. Where do I find him? What can be greater than getting recognition from the White Man. I feel like dancing today.

uma sulegai said...

respected sir,
i am totally for your article. the movie is just crap.the hype around it is a waste of time!! as u said its got all this hype around because its been directed by a hollywood director!its just an ordinary story which is blown out of proportion.

abhishek said...

Hi Arindam
Actually it is worthless to tell these people about art and indian cinema.hey u people can u plz explain me what is the symbolic meaning of showing the city in black cloud in the movie EKLAVYA..why the palace is symbolically shown in red color?if somebody is telling that indian directors shld learn about camera work ..just see the picturization of the song " tere mare sapne aab ek hi rang hai" in the movie "Guide" and see tha camera work at that time.If u want to see a good concept in movie then plz watch shyam benegal's kaliyug.Plz don't blindly accept that slum dog is a good movie as it is realistic.I really feel unahappy as our choice has gone in a wrong direction.Two days back I was watching Ram teri ganga maili..Raj kapoor has nicely comapred river ganga with a beautiful lady and how it is going dirty due to the poiliticians.I am unable to expain evrythng here but I request all of u to plz encourage good movies which has good message to the soiciety..

gagan said...

An eye opener article dude....
Very true and well spoken...

abhishek said...

Dear All Slum Dog Millionare movie lovers.As per your choice u all like realistic movies..so i am mationaing here some nice realistic movies go and watch..this is ur standrad movie.u'll definitely like

1.Numbri Aadmi
2.Garibon ka daata
3.Roti ki kimat
4.Amanat(hero:sanjay dutt)
5.dost garibon ka
10.daku rani himmat wali

see and enjoy realistic movie

Hakim,jada said...

God damn NRIs and foreigners have come together in trying to understanding their ancestral land so,these descendents of former clerks to the colonial empire must be wished well so they learn some thing about India even if it is an exaggerated picture of India's urban underbelly...

subodh said...


I completely disagree with you here. just think for a second that if some body shows your weakness or fault what would you do, correct it or complain about it ? And the people who are so much worried about image of India, just ask yourself how much you have done for India ?? And so instead of criticizing the makers of the movie try to bring perfection at your own home first, and then no one will point fingers on us. Why don't people take it as a challenge to correct the flaws that very much prevail in our country ? So better stop blaming and start working.


Anonymous said...

Very Bold article. Truly an unbiased opinion.Global acceptance through awards is only an eyewash and a hype.

Sohan Hatangadi said...

The point is not how India is depicted - it does not matter greatly in a fiction anyway. All we should be asking is - is this movie really Golden Globe or Oscar material? Does it shine and soar? Is it perfectly made? Is the acting credible and inspiring? The answer simply is "NO"

Take for example Dev Patel who did not even bother to adapt his accent to reflect his Jamal Malik orphan from Mumbai character. Freida Pinto's performance was very average.

Anil Kapoor and Irfan Khan were just about OK. Irfan's script was very "chaltha hai" and there is not much more he could do for the role.

The situational credibility in the movie was rather doubtful. Take for example the super evil men blinding children and the ridiculous "Lathikaaa" station scene - and whats with the dancing sequence at the end of the movie?

The editing was tight and the music was good, but other than that it was an average movie. I suspect that it was nominated because it freaked out the judges who saw a new view of India - slums and sewage and shit. They mentally added it to the image of the growing modern India and said to themselves "how remarkable!" "what contrasts!" how wonderful.Suckers. But good for us if they did and good if it gets some awards. Just smile and enjoy it but do not join the crowds who admire the naked emperor's butt.

The reality slums, shit and garbage is all there - so let us not say that reality hurts. Bottom line - IS IT GOLDEN GLOBE OR OSCAR MATERIAL? Considering the hundreds of Hollywood and World movies out there with superlative acting and amazing screenplay and music - I don't think so.

For many of us who are kicked up with the waves the movie has made in the West, enjoy yourselves, but know this - that you are joining the "oh what a great movie" chorus simply because of a nomination by people who got carried away by the shocking scenes of India and perhaps patronizingly selected the movie for nominations. For those who love good movies and the art and craft of it - Slumdog Millionaire is very average movie and does not by a long shot deserve the nominations it got.

Rahul said...

Psitham – you chose this forum for personal attacks. if you cant take criticism of your thoughts and words, especially personal attacks, just stay away. regarding your remarks on class – class or for that matter respect is demonstrated to those who can appreciate and deserve it. you neither come across as someone who can appreciate finer nuances of life or anyone talking with respect or class to you.
Coming back to the main point – my only contention is that the image India carries in the minds of foreigners is very straightjacketed. I am not whining about anything – just presenting what I perceive to be prejudices of most whites against non-whites, especially Indians. someone asked me the other day if we had mcdonalds in India – I mean how ignorant are these fools abt the economic prowess of India. a few years back I went to greet a foreign delegation who had come todelhi and the first question one woman had was “where are the lions and elephants?” my point is that such irresponsible demonstration of poverty (rather absolute focus on only the negative aspects of our country) would not help alleviate the naive impressions most foreigners carry abt India – and those people are the viewers of this film. I don’t see any message in this film whatsoever – all talk abt the film demonstrating vibrancy / hope etc is all nonsense. I am not seeking a forum to vent any personal grievances – I am not out of India to live like economic migrants. but it pains me to see what perception people outside have abt my country and my contrymen (and women).

elkaypee said...

How dexterously delineated! Kudos to Arindam. I could not help crying. Where are our intellectuals gone? We have no national pride. Any firangi can come here and loot us and depict India in a shameless manner. We celebrate that we have won the Oscar. It is going to win Oscar. All these awards and prizes are specifically targeted.

I was just wondering if the director has taken permission from Indian government to shoot the film in India and if the film requires clearance from our Censor Board(which does not hesitate to use the scalpels for any Indian movie!)Do we have any laws for these firangis? or Are we a nation, a soft state, where any Tom, Harry, Dick can come and do any thing he/she wishes and even humiliate us on our face and in the global market? Does the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting have any responsibility? Are slum dwellers dogs? There are many ghettos in America and West. Why cannot show them? This is high time we raised these issues.

Jai Hind

Jinu George said...

I am ashamed of being a part of India that is so stunted in its growth, acceptance of foreigners and so narrow minded..Before I start, let me say hats off to Danny Boyle on his making! The movie was well shot, the photography and the song was extremely good. We belong to a stunted society that cannot accept movies that have a message to send out. You all just look forward to unrealistic lovey-dovey movies where the rich man loves the rich girl and they get married and honeymoon in Switzerland.. Is there a ounce of lie in the movie?? I live next to a slum in bangalore and I see the same thing happening here too..I see nothing false...You, Mr Chaudry I feel is jealous because your senseless movies have not made it anywhere near the top...INDIA IS NOT A POSITIVE LAND..Accept that...Try going to a goverment organization to get a ration card and you will understand how negative this country is...The traffic police have fined me once for not doing a smoke emission test for a car that was purchased 6 months ago..Such is the vice of this country...Did you see how the Sena parties beat the women in a pub in Mangalore?? Is the movie wrong in portraying women as the lower gender??? Is the movie false in portraying facts about child labour and child maiming?? Why two months ago a man of 25 years of age was drugged and castrated to become a eunuch in Hydrebad and Mumbai...What so wrong if the west have the right impression of what actually India is? Only around 30 % of India is well off..Please keep your crtisism to your self and dont waste my energy..You think people around the world who acknowledged athe movie are morons?? You are not the only clever person in this country..You are one of those mean rich Indians who are so self-conceited that you are blinded to the actual reality...

Justin said...

This blog does have some valid points but there is no reason why we as Indians should not watch this movie. As rightly pointed out, this film had been made primarily for the western audience and this may have a damaging effect on the image of India. Still I believe that most scenes do portray the grim realities of India and it deserves an Indian audience.
After all the purpose of creative expressions in music, novels, and art is to stir the conscience of people and to awaken us from our deep slumber of insensitivity. This film precisely does that …forces us to do an introspection….let us take it in that spirit….

Jayesh Viradiya said...

I DONT AGREE with the given point of view. I liked the movie. Poverty/slums are acceptable facts in India so nothing wrong in admitting it. With a slummy backdrop, I think still there was a very good story line to tell and it has been captured fantastically adn in engaging way. Though it was a bit difficult to digest that a slum boy knows most of the answers by his experience of life, which many of the educated people will not be aware of...specially the Benjamin Franklin one....but who says it's a true story, so from entrertainment point of view, it is a good movie. For the GlodenGlobe/Oscar part of it, If it was only released in India first then movie would have done OK or probably not so good, unlike it has done globally now. And any movie which gets appreciated Globally, out of curiocity will be a samsh hit in the home country also. Also, It's a complete change of taste for the Outside word movie watchers, who have mostly seen sci-fi, action, animated movies so far and hence it's a smash hit sweeping most of the awards in US, with a new dish on their dinning table.

The bottom line is, Indian movie industry doenst have enough experience/experties/courage to promote their films globally, which Danny Boyle did for us this time, otherwise we would have got many Oscars already as there are many Indain Movies which are way better than SlumDog.


Mr. Arindam why we the INDIANS have to bother what WESTERN people think of us??? Are we so dependent on them???
I think let whoever think what it does not matter a very simple reason for this is its not what others think of us what we are but its precisely within us what we think of ourselves, how much confidence we keep in ourselves even if others are thinking that we are incapable or underestimating us.
See Mr. Arindam to be very frank its the confidence that should be keep in ourselves. I can see many of our youth is saying words to you as "Sir, you are 100% correct". This merely shows inability to focus on the actual problem. So guys and girls it is not necessary that you will have to agree to your sir or madam in order to succeed in life...
You must have your own opinion...
What are we lacking since many years is the self confidence and coming up from our own ideas...
We are following the westerns come on people in west are not god ok. All humans are equal. Let the West think whatever about us, let them be in sweet dreams of underestimating others. We should not bother about what others are thinking...
Belive in our abilities...
I request all the youth to watch movies for entertainment if you can learn good things out of it do take them rest of the things better kept aside...

Naren_blogger said...

well, I disagree with 90% of wat u ve told MR.Choudhary. You have got the whole Idea of a "movie" terribly wrong. This is a movie based on a book written by an Indian author. So, to tell that goras have made a movie to defame india is absurd. Its a story told, andit happens to be of a person belongling to slums. So the setting is the underbelly of India. There is absolutely no glorofication of poverty. The situation is presented realistically. And for god sake its just a movie, dont take it so seriously! no one s going to close their nose when they see or hear about india after watching this movie. Coming to poits that I agree with u, yes, the movie is not all that great that ppl are claiming it to be. Its a sequence of bizarre co-incidences and hardly plausible. But dont get the intentions of the film wrong. It doesnt intend to do all tose crap things that u ve mentioned. And nothing wrong in indians celebrating the success of A R Rahman! We all knew he was world class and today the world agrees!

Lakshmi said...

Dear Anirudh,
I wont say that you are 100% right, nor would i say that you are 100% wrong!
Good that you too felt the same about exposing ..too much about the slums in INDIA with a bit more of spices in it! I felt that too be a perfect Bollywood movie and not a Hollywood movie!
Except the three nominations all the other nominations are for international personalities and the main point is that the co-director... Lavleen Tandon has not been nominated any where?
that's strange!
I don't know why the so called INDIANS have to be awakened by foreigners every time...?
It's a wake up call for all those Indians... who have welcomed "Slumdog Millionaire" as a good movie... to be ready to face the negative vibes of the movie...practically!!!...Be ready to face the national crisis, where you are giving a chance to people recognize you as a immigrant from slums!!!

Murugesan said...

Truly, I share the thoughts and feelings of Arindam. It is no excuse that cinema is an entertainment media and has to be accepted as such. A media like cinema could not be enjoyed sans emotions. It's all about emotions. But, before blaming others for our pitiable state, we need to ask ourselves a basic question. Do we respect ourselves as much as other should? How many of us are proud of our own culture and tradition? Most of us think speaking a foriegn language more prestigious than our own mother tongue. There are so many things positive about this country. Why not focus on that? Before others learn to appreciate all that, we have to understand them first! Ultimately, no one else is any better than us. We must learn to hold our heads high first.

karan said...

All these people are just worried about the image of the film and trying to potrait nice image about it.
If it would have been nice...then i guess so many would have not gathered to save its image...
All these people know that in there innerself that they are doing wrong..but the self egos...

Showing the negative side of a country and enjoying it..people seems to be shameless these days..i request to let not indulge in this as i feel fighting for nothing and making world watch.. shows what unity we have is again a shameless thing.

criticism should be taken in a positive way i personally feel...

In all i must say... movie doesn't show goodies about India and i am totally with you that it is a bad movie and one should not watch (atleast we Indians) to tell the world we will not tolerate if anybody tries to play with our emotions...

Shruthi Achar said...

I completely agree with u....
I felt exactly d same when i watched the movie...but i believe v Indians r not ready to accept d fact that India is exactly d way its projected to be in "Slumdog Millioaire"...isn't that a fact...????

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

When there is so much hype built up about a movie, it is very hard to make people listen to your voice no matter how sane. Perhaps you should just let people watch the movie and make up their mind. Maybe after watching the movie your article will make more sense.

ashish said...

Why do we Indians get so hurt whenever something bad but a reality gets portayed. Yes Slumdog ..sucks bigtime, so what ?
Let the film be what it is....why go for a rampage ?

Viki said...

It amuses me to see how easy it is for one to have an opinion on everything that happens in the world, and how many people are ready to alter their own opinions to make it correspond to somebody else's.
For starters, im not a fan of the movie "SLumdog ..."
But that did not stop me from acknowledging the fact that the movie was a step in the direction of a path that Indian film makers had never dared to tread till now.
And the aspect of borrowing from celebrated movies like Cidadeus De deus is only normal, given the stature and the quality of that movie.
For one, AR Rahman did not deserve the nominations for the movie, least of all for the song Jai Ho. It was one of those songs with all the Indians dancing around trying to look and seem terribly Indian. I dont blame the director though, it probably would have been the case of him wanting to add that extra desi and Indian flavor to the whole movie.
And I think the hue and cry about the movie showing the nation is poor light is because there are some people who just cant face criticism.
For them, there always are movies like "Mai hoon Na".

Jai Hind

ROHIT said...

It seems people using slang languages in their thoughts shows that they are here to take out the frustration and not a Genuine Admirer or Criticiser of the movie...

Well as per my views:- its just a film so chillx people..

Molten said...

To vin who said:
After being beaen up by the car driver, Jamal says, "I wanted to show you the real India...". To this the American woman gesticulates to her husband to pull out his wallet, and she says "Well, I am going to show you the real America!". The scene ends with a close up on the wallet and a 100$ note being pulled out. Now what does one make of this?

Heh, you people who applaud this film need some more education.

You American or Indian, dude? Because every American who say this movie said that they realized that it was a meant to show the American mentality of thinking that money solves all problems.

Geez dude..what did your higher self make of that?

Molten said...

To elkaypee who said:
Do we have any laws for these firangis? or Are we a nation, a soft state, where any Tom, Harry, Dick can come and do any thing he/she wishes and even humiliate us on our face and in the global market? Does the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting have any responsibility? Are slum dwellers dogs? There are many ghettos in America and West. Why cannot show them? This is high time we raised these issues.

Dude, you need a vacation. And sir 'firangi' IS a racist word. You would screen MURDERR if a westerner called you brownie, wouldnt you?

Molten said...

To Viki who said:
For starters, im not a fan of the movie "SLumdog ..."
But that did not stop me from acknowledging the fact that the movie was a step in the direction of a path that Indian film makers had never dared to tread till now.

*bows* agree with all you say dude. remember the old Amol Palekar movies about the average middle man which was so much fun to watch?

The buggers who are criticizing SDM would rather watch the glitter-glamour movies taken in the same very west that they are loathing in their comments.

I mean come on! they are happy to see kabhi khushi kabhi gham shot in UK or Hum Tum shot in australia or dostana shot in canada? why? because it shows how advanced India is??

God almighty! get a life, losers

suman said...

well well well lots of views and lots of reviews.
My first word would go for appriciating a master peice of work called
"slumdog millionare".Excellent direction, marvolous cinamatography,
realistic characters which leave a real lasting memory and lovely thursholds that is what
this movie means to me.
A movie is something like telling a story through moving pictures.
Now I really dont undersatnd your point of view sir,mr. arindham.
Why can't you see positiveness in such a movie?
I just don't understand why people drag this indian and western feeling in
everything unnecessarily.If you want to be equal then consider yourselves
equal sir.With due respect to everyone I am giving my comment.

Let me concentrate entirely on the movie.It doesn't show anything thats not true.
Every bit of the movie is so true and it has shown the real india.
The slum in mumbai being named as the biggest slum in Asia itself is such a
fact that noone can take their eyes away.So there is no point discussing why the movie
shows poverty and the darker side of india,as it is an integral part of india.
Every story is unique and it needs its own way to be shown.
The points to be emphasized more in the movie:

1. The eternal love between Jamal and Latika. They are merely 8 yrs old when
their love story started at an age where we actually don't even know the meaning of
love.But these characters understand it and feel it and this thing is shown
absolutely amazingly.

2. Being in slum doesn't always mean thats your destiny, there is always a way.
The scene in which jamal serving chai in the classroom answers to a question which
the amibitious student couldn't answer shows the typical "simple living high thinking"

3. The way jamal answers all the questions in the competition, shows incidents happen
in life but do we learn something from it and most importantly do we remember it?

4. And lastly the best part is the HOPE that prevails through out the movie.
Be it in the lovestory of the couple, be it to get success or be it the chase
of saving your life from impossible situations.

At last i'l tell please learn from the movie, it has so many lessons.
I dint get time to find the loopholes as i was busy learning the lessons of life from
jamal salim and latika.

Hiral said...

Ok, since the day Slumdog Millionaire started becoming famous, I have seen people appreciating it and people disagreeing with it. I do recognize that everyone has a right to speech and I am going to use mine here to convey some of my view on the whole issue:

1. Why are we Indians so scared when someone depicts India like this in a movie? As I see first of all this movie nowhere had intent of showing what India is to the world. It is a Love Story which talks about the endless love of Jamaal for Latika and Jamaal’s courage who does whatever he can to get Latika back into his life every time circumstances make him lose her. Why don’t we recognize this work of fiction for what it is actually? IT IS NOT TRYING TO SHOW WHAT INDIA IS!
2. For people who say that it is showing a bad picture of India:
a. All over the world the people who are seeing this movie and have any interest in India are appreciating this movie for what it shows about Love and courage, and not because it shows the slums.
b. If we were in the 80’s right now and this movie would have released, I would agree with Mr. Chaudhuri’s comments. But in today’s scenario India is being recognized all over the world for many of its achievements in different sectors. And we as proud Indians should not even be scared of what people outside are showing about us, we know what we are and we have an identity in the world now, not like the 80’s when India was just another country in the world.
c. For all the people who are out opposing this movie, why don’t you oppose movies like those from the Chopra’s and Johar’s that shoot movies in beautiful locations of Europe and US and show that these are the small towns of India??? Slumdog is atleast showing a very small part of true India while the movies we make do not show even 1% of what India is. We have a picture in our mind that US and Europe are very clean places and don’t have slums. Well, friends please go there and see, even they have slums (not as bad as India, but they have) and still do the Indian film makers ever show those places?? No, because we have a habit of seeing those countries as the most beautiful and perfect places in the world.
d. Last, but not the least, where are people like Mr. Bachhan and Mr. Chaudhuri when the movies which are recognized in 2008 are not “A Wednesday” or “Mumbai Meri Jaan”, but the movies which are getting highest recognitions are “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” and “Ghajini”. Not that these movies are bad, but movies like Wednesday were the ones which had a huge impact on Indian people and they are winners in themselves, but none of you come to recognize it with such high spirits as you do when you try to oppose Slumdog, which I again repeat is a pure work of fiction which does not intend to show what India is.
3. And to all people who want to oppose the movie, go look out and see why India is earning a bad name today. It is because of corruption, because of scams like Satyam and because of India’s inability to stop the terror attacks on its land for the whole of 2008. Why are we not trying to create an awareness in the world for these things and trying to make India a better place to live in.
4. Finally for all the big shots who have been condemning this movie, you all could well have avoided it long back by contributing yourself and encouraging people in India to do some social work and try to get some better life for people in slums in India. More than 60 years of Independence and we have not been able to eradicate poverty when according to some articles most of the Black money floating in the world is Indian, when we have 3 Indians featuring in the richest 10 in the world, which is a very high %. We have resources but we don’t use them for social work and we don’t try to create awareness around us and make people contribute to the society. We find joy in condemning movies though, which is very sad.

kabir said...

It was only after reading the article was i really interested in watching the movie, and oh i thank my lucky stars i did!!Being a person who would rarely visit the cinema i was plesantly surprised to see what levels of brilliance have been reached on that front..The article as written by aridnam or whoever/whatever is not only absurd, in bad taste, unrelated to an iota of reality but also leaves one thinking of some financial or other benefitt that accrued to him for writting the same..I would strongly oppose his view point but then one can only blame a funny, insecure, confused man only so much..One would only hope others unlike the wannabe author would actually go and watch/absorb/appreciate the movie for the brilliant piece of art that it is..The potrayal of the personalities, the picturisation of the saddest the country has to offer, the irony in the sequence of events were all not only refreshing but completely broke the monotny one has made to suffer in the recent past.Once again i cant begin to imagine how twisted a character or blind to reality the author of this absurd article is..being in the field of education i shudders to think what outcome to expect in his future students..
Watch slumdog millionaire, it's brilliant!!

Baidurya said...

Arindam sir,
you r right there is nothing positive about india and even the music is up 2 mark if u ask me.....there is not 1 thing positive about india everything negative...except jai ho which is just a typical ordinary track....nothing is outstanding...
Ar rahman didn't shine at all with this oppurtinity...but of course he would win it...cause when a film is good at oscars the critics then just hand out oscars for everything 2 the film.....this year hans zimmer deserved for best score...and john newman ,the best original song for Wall-e...and before stupid Arr fans abuse me listen 2 the ones i told wall-e and frost/nixon then commment....

ritika said...

You are right! Slumdog truly sucks!!!After watching this movie besides of feeling proud of our mother India,i felt sick.It has for sure brought down the morale of us Indians. A total wastage of time and money,i havent ever seen such a wasteful flick in my whole life!
Thank God, i didn't read its novel!

Ankit said...

Hi Arindam,

For you I have just one suggestion that "Tell people what you feel/think, don’t make a verdict for others based on your beliefs".

You are a celebrity and people look up to you, you have followers and some of them follow you blindly, so be a sensible and responsible celebrity.

According to Me,

# It’s just a movie, so just chill and don’t get overexcited, didn’t you read in the start of the movie that everything is a fiction !!!

# If this movie alone hurts you that much then where were you when Indian directors made such movies which does not portray India at all. I can’t believe that you are ok with the things shown in “Page 3” and “Fashion” but not Slumdog. Where were you when people made "Love Story 2050" and "Chandni Chowk to China" .... "Slumdog millionaire" at least pays back what we spent, don’t have such double standards.

# You said that this movie is hyped pointlessly, aren’t you also doing the same thing, hyping it unnecessarily.

# And mind you that “slums, open-air lavatories, riots, underworld, prostitution, brothels, child labour, begging, blinding and maiming of kids to make them into ‘better beggars’, petty peddlers, traffic jams” are ALL INDIAN REALITY, come out of your Disneyland and open your eyes to see the real India because I don’t think that you have seen it yet.

# Please don’t create it a national issue, you have all time to say things about Slumdog but I never heard a single word from you on 26/11. People like you just criticize anything to keep them in the limelight but will never make any effort to make this country a better place.

Veena said...

Hi Arindham,

I totally agree about each of your points that you have made. In fact I myself was wondering if the oscar nomination was an attempt to downplay India's achievements in the recent past .

Here's my review of the movie at

balam said...


Vee said...

This is an average movie and even the score and songs are just above mediocre. I don't know why people are creating a hype. the Oscar award which was given to movies like Rain Man, Gladiator, The Titanic etc, now about to be given for a movie like SDM? Where is the song 'Every night in my dreams' and its orchestration and the songs/music from SDM are noway near to that. Oscar is becoming like 'Kalai Mamani' award given in Tamilnadu.

Devvrat Kumbhojkar said...

please read the column hasyamev jayate on this page....

It appeared in Loksatta (Marathi newspaper of express group)...hope u'll find sum1 to get it translated for u......
it's really sad that learned people like you are mixing art with politics and expressing their pseudo patriotism.The true spirit of any art to bring the truth as it is to the light and i think it was managed well in "Slumdog Millionaire"...this may be quite unbelievable for masses like u but it appealed to the classes....that is what separate the best from the rest......
please stop drawing boundaries over art....
i would appreciate if u would write the same thing when sum Indian artist draws objectionable pictures that hurts religious sentiments...but it is sad that people like who can do so much to the society speak of freedom of speech and expression and these people run away.....pls sir people like u are the few blessed one who have the resources to make a revolution pls don use it to fill ur pockets......

Sneh said...

Hey people,
lets not waste time here, lets get to our work.

(Contact sneh on www.jobeehive.com)

sunil said...

Indeed a horrible film...

Raju said...

Arindham, Very nice post! I felt the same way, on selling our poverty to outsiders. World's old biz.

Also you should write about Ms. Barkha Dutt of NDTV, coercing an apology from a blogger Chyetanya Kunte, who vented out his anger, on Mumbai 26/11 reporting.

selwilki said...

Slumdog millionaire shows everything that happens in India. I dont disagree with anything they showed in the film. There are so many myths about India in the world & the slumdog millionaire has shown the realities. what do you want? more of HAHK, DDLJ, KKKG?? that is what is hypocrisy. I have to explain almost everyone that marriages in India are not as fesitive as they are shown in those hypocritic movies. It is all just lie. But, there is nothing that I saw in slumdog millionaire which is untrue.

Prince said...

Amazing blog post Arindam...
The courage and truth you have shown is marvelous by writing such an article and publishing it...

Weird Nainar Weirdest (:->)!!! said...

Just for yesterday 28-Jan-2009 this post has got around 20 replies!

I could only read a sample of 10 or so on the whole and decided to contribute a tiny comment!

Right or wrong? Lets not get into it.

The cinema was interesting. Its in no way a realistic cinema, though it had realistic elements closely knit. What made it possible was the story line. A Slumboy knowing all the answers to win 10 millions(Interesting part, quiet cinematical too - I agree), except for the last one from the incidents that happened in his life. Enough for the script to closely knit all the things they wanted to say about "INDIAN SLUM".

Now here is the catch - its film about "INDIAN SLUM".

Now here is the transition. From the cinema hall to the community feel. We as a community see this director as not belonging to ours but commenting on us from outside! Atleast lets not do this to them saying they are still imperialists!!!

Cinema for the workers including producers are the means of making money. Awards are nothing but Advertisements these days!

International recognition should come automatically - for the work. AR Rahman Deserves it and he is going to get it.

One of the post was emotional. The person was asking, will AR Rahman enjoy composing a music if it portrays bad things about his family. In my opinion, an artist does not belong to a family, country or any boundary. The art form may be realistic or fictious, it does not matter. True to his own heart is the only integral part of an Artist!

I pray god nothing bad of this sort should happen to any of ours and our neighbours life. But I also am mindful of the fact that it happens here and there in slum for sure in India.

One Ending Note
The Slum here is the Slum in Metros. The directors, I doubt, dont even know what its like to live under poverty line without compremising on the integrity of oneself.

Danny Boyle, may even feel bad about portraying poverty with so much of pre-judice.

In deeper Tamil Nadu's southern regions, I know more poverty than what is seen in the film, but they all live a life of a millionaire in thier hearts!!!

Thier's is not need based, they have a kingdom of thier own. They work for the food that we eat. They earn, they eat, they live with lots of odds and they die, at the age of 90+ - peacefuly in a Slum - where we think there is less hygene!!!

Thanks Arindam for getting out so much of thoughts! I started with tiny, but I think I have ended up blogging much!!!

Courtesy: http://jeyamohan.in

rahul said...

LMAO...You are quite an attention seeker..Compared to your crappy movie this was miles ahead...face it more than half of india lives in poverty and this movie just showed the tip of the iceberg.Conditions in slums are actually much worse than whats depicted..

I suppose you would want Danny Boyle to make a masala film with a flithy rich hero dancing with half naked girls in Australia..Perhaps that would be the taste of real India right??
Or maybe he should have spiced up SM with nice Indian characters as comedic sidekicks or have included an item number...
Just accept the fact that bollywood is not talented and real talent is pushed aside.Why were movies like jeans,Indian,RDB,ekalavya send to the oscars??

Leader2630 said...

Very true we should all show the outrage to the international community by boycotting the film. & other forms of anger.

shanoj said...


I echo your view on this. Infact the media hype forced me to watch this movie from a pirated CD, ofcourse everyone would have for that matter. Once the movie was over, I was left wondering what is so great about this movie? To show that we Indians dont mind falling in a shit pit to watch a movie star or irresponsible employees or just plain dogs. Anyways we still do have colonial hangovers so instead of blaming the whites who love to see us as slumdogs we need to blame ourselves for this shit. Needless to say, why lagaan which was brilliantly done failed to win an oscar, because it depicts indians victory over the whites!!Have Indians never made a movie better than slumdog millionaire( what a pity to compare)?Why havent any of our movies got the accolades that this movie has garnered, Its food for thought for those who shamelessly celebrating their own undressing in public by a english man. Jai ho

Captain back sparrow said...

you have made an amazing connection between beauty pageants of past the movie

Molten said...

To Laksmi who said:
It's a wake up call for all those Indians... who have welcomed "Slumdog Millionaire" as a good movie... to be ready to face the negative vibes of the movie...practically!!!...Be ready to face the national crisis, where you are giving a chance to people recognize you as a immigrant from slums!!!

boss! what an openly unashamed hypocrite! so what do u want to do? seal off all the slums so that people from any other part of the world never get to know about our shameful secret??? so that then we can strut ourself as the immigrant from the land of skyscrapers??


j said...

Well, 60% of Mumbai is slum. So we should clean up our backyard before criticizing foreigners.

The director has used a technique of contrasts, harsh childhood against redeeming prize in the end (the lover not the millions). It is a modern day Oliver Twist, set in Mumbai (which is very similar to London 2 centuries ago where Oliver Twist was set.)

I think main reason movie is popular is because it manages to build a bollywood like feel good plot (rags-to-riches and poor boy gets beautiful girl) inspite of all hardships. So in that way the theme of the movie is similar to all bollywood movies
and It is a very creative story (by Indian Diplomat) made into a very creative movie (UK director).

That is why it is receiving so many awards....

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