December 18, 2008

Education, the next thing to lobby for... if young, honest and educated India wants a chance at politics!

Whenever an issue of immense national concern has arisen, it has been our endeavour at Planman Media to keep focusing on the issue relentlessly, so that people don’t just forget and move on. Keeping with the same ideology, after the Mumbai killings and terror attacks, thanks to our shameful political class, I have decided to write five consecutive editorial articles focusing only on our political class and the need for change. After my last editorial, a significant lot of people wrote to me through emails, text messages etc confirming that though they would themselves want to contest elections, they couldn’t even dream of winning in India when the masses have no clue about what issue and whom to vote for. Thus, with this fourth editorial of mine after the Mumbai massacre, I want to answer these. Why is it that people in India don’t vote for policies and fall for sloganeering instead? Why is it that an educated citizen in this country is in a dilemma about whether to vote at all or not, in the first place? And what is that key change, apart from judiciary – as highlighted in my previous editorial – that we, as citizens of India, need to fight for, so that even an educated, passionate man with the right thoughts and policies has a fair chance at elections?

Well, just as elections in India are won with muscle power, so they are with money power. That’s not to say that elections in other countries don’t require money. Of course, they do; but, for example, in a mature democracy like USA, money flows towards the right policies and thoughts. Thus, as Barack Obama kept winning debates and his popularity increased, more money flowed in for him... However, in India, that’s not how it happens. Often, bottles of alcohol, which get distributed the night before elections in various slums, determine who these people vote for. Money in India can almost buy votes. And the sole reason for that is the lack of education amongst the masses in India. The masses in India don’t even understand what is good for them and what is not! They are kept at such a subsistence level that they keep fighting to make their ends meet and never think beyond. Thus, the slum dweller or the village illiterate never questions, for example, why should young India be ruled by a bunch of opportunistic and corrupt ageing people, whose only motto seems to be to hang on to power till their last breath. These people, therefore, can be easily swayed away by the lure of goodies, or even one extra meal, or simply a few hundred bucks – for which they can do anything... from going to vote to going to attend election rallies!

The only method to break this and encourage people to come out and vote for the right policies is to give them education so that they can differentiate between what is beneficial for them and what is not. And education is the cheapest social service that any government worldwide can provide to its citizens. Yet, we in India have kept our country illiterate. And that’s not because we did not have the money. It’s because we never had the will... because it serves the interests of the political class. It’s only when people remain illiterate that the illiterate can rule, and become Chief Ministers to Prime Ministers. Can you imagine any American or British politician, who is similar to about eighty percent of our ill-educated and illiterate politicians, standing even a remote chance in his country’s elections? Obviously not! Politicians win elections here by keeping the masses illiterate, so that they get swayed away by silly slogans and election songs made on the tunes of hit film music. Keeping masses illiterate, even in the twenty-first century, is a well designed ploy of the ruling governments in India ever since Independence – for our ruling class knows that once masses get educated, the people who will be the first to get the boot will be themselves.

Thus, if the educated in India ever want to be a part of honest politics (well, they can always be a part of mainstream filthy politics as the political parties are always looking for a handful educated brand ambassadors – like Shashi Tharoor, for example – for some key posts etc), the second thing along with a functional judiciary that they need to force the government to give is education... education for every Indian... Unless we have an educated India, the honest educated Indian will have a very less chance at the election battlefield. And the least we should have expected from perhaps the country’s most educated Prime Minister ever, Dr Manmohan Singh, was to leave behind a legacy of education… Shouldn’t we have?



SHINU S said...

Dear Sir,

Absolutely. . .
Absolutely. . .
Absolutely. . . Right.

We can get rid of that ageing mass politicians without any worth with good education to rest of the people of India. But what about the highly educated people in India now??? They feel politics as a bad ground. But they criticise too! How can we get them to this stream? How can they participate in an election?

Shinu S.

Indian said...

Gandhiji said,"Be the change you want to see."

jitendra singhal said...
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Mangesh Soni said...

Thank You Sir,

I have got my answer. I am 23 and it also seems to me that this problem will remain in our society till I retire.

Maybe next time!

Uma said...

Education??!!! HAA HAA....That is the No.2 sham after politics. What education?! Education is nothing but a mass-conspiracy to keep true enlightenment out of the reach of the have-nots. (Nah, I did not copy that quote from anywhere.)
I've studied only till the 12th standard - and got useless marks. (As in, my marks could not qualify me to enter any of your h(o)llowed institutions out there.) And good for me, because I managed satisfy my entrepreneurial drive.
All I learned at school is's a group of private coaching-class promoters who have set up some arcane criteria for us to qualify...which have no PRACTICAL application.
Parliament mein politician baitha ho, ya Professor baitha ho, koi fark nahi! Dono ko sirf baatein babani aati hain! Yani ki lip service!

Neha said...

Yes you are right Uma..

Uma said...

thanks for the support Neha.

Amit said...

That was a real nice effort,sir.
But i expected some practical solutions from a man of your stature.Will just bashing of politicians change anything?? And about education,sir,how many percent of indians can really afford the education in private institutions?.
I feel in indian settings,only chance we have is to infuse fresh blood into the political sxstem..Its not easy,but is possible if some suitables join politics and others if not join,atleast support with every possible resources and manpower..

V.Muthuswami said...

My friend Arindam:
New Year greetings as a world citizen - never mind about India and its rulers!
I must tell you that you are not just passionate, but in fact a bit crazy dreamer. Do you think our current stocks of "educated politicians" incl those aspiring educated ones will ever change things? Rest assured these socalled current "educated" class will prove to be so sophisticated to find "out of box" ways to make corrupt moneys and keep their well-being outsouced, leaving rest of us as we are! Only fundamental change in our educational system, that makes quality valued-based education accessible to 100 or near 100 percent children (e.g. Cuba) and how we bring up our children right from Grade One, inculcating human values and fellowship for common-good will probably make this country in tne next generation or two, as a country based on values and fit for good human beings.
Do propagate something that can produce results in the foreseeable future!
Your well-wisher

sakira said...

Right indeed.

Now time has come to think seriously on it whether should octageneorian septagnerione should be out from political domain or not.These man doesn't think properly and loose their efficiency to take decision at crucial time.Although some of them doing well but people of young india should come forward to participate in mainstream politics

apoorv said...

i agree with d author but its not ki wtever only education is responsible for not bringing up true n honest politicians if it wud b thn thr suc be 100% true politics must hav existed in kerela as usa or some othr developed country but d reallity is ki thr r mny othr factors which accounts for this u know wt an election cud b easily won by bribing d counting officer thn by giving meals to masses said...

Its a good call with a good intention, but unfortunately how far it is applicable is the question arises first. The main hindrance to this is, an ordinary young educated man cannot even dream of obtain a party ticket to contest unless he has to shell a minimum of one crore rupees. At the present set up party tickets are being sold in crores or let me say, in auction. One solution to this corrupt practice the present party election system should be abolished completely and introduce a new system of allotting tickets only to the educated one who passes written tests and viva . This is introduced and controlled by the judiciary without any anomaly. Ah, No criminals and goons should not give a chance to attend this test. If this is introduced more than 80 to 90% of our present politicians will vacate or lose their seats in parliament and state assemblies. If this is implemented strictly our editors and many other right thinking peoples dream will come true.

P V Ariel, Secunderabad. said...



Incognito said...

Kerala boasts of 95% literacy.

But the state economy is in shambles and dependent on money send by people working in Gulf, other foreign countries and other states.
Kerala alternately votes to power either a Congress led alliance or Left-led alliance. And the caliber and integrity of politicians in both alliance are same.

There is near zero industrial growth for decades now.

So your argument that literacy and education is the solution for India's political problems do not bear out.

I rather concur with the comment by Uma above.

Something more than education needs to be there.

1. Respect for ourselves, culture and tradition. Lack of self respect as a society is the reason we accept crooks as our elected reps.

2. Defining Principles to act as beacons for our society.

To achieve the above, the primary requirement is a total revamp of the education system which is still a remnant of the system British created for molding indians as servile civil servants.

Second and concurrent with the above is to focus on the history and cultue of India, to appreciate the various good things there.

Hopefully these steps will pave way for creating true patriotic feeling and wisdom in the minds of the people and in the politicians whom they choose.

armageddonsaviour said...

Alongwith Education, Awareness & Enlightenment on some aspects like 49-O Section Votes & Voter Rights being denied to democratic citizens of India by Election Commission of India since 1969 is also required
This is a debatable topic in Parliament.
Read This
[Don't Vote If Not Interested. Reduce Frankeinstein Creations(Political Leaders). Show System, it's time to Change. Let them know, it's because of them]

Read This ... (Shows Leaders with Bad Vision because of Bad Education)
[Are Indians Learning Something with U.S Recession?
Why is it always that
United States of America sells Defence/Offence Fighter Machines
Whereas, India sells BPO human slaves and Services?]
What is the Answer to so many jobless unhappy Students of IT industry?
Do the Visionary leaders have some realtime plan?
Because, they have failed to keep a fair balance that needs to be maintained when it comes towards achieving National Self-Reliance (instead of dependence) and Indegenous hi-end cutting research & development issues on which Indian Youth's Energy is spent based on the vision of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists (often regardlessly shamelessly) in the name of Globalization which is a partial solution for National Development.

And This
[Why "Lockheed Martin EveryWhere"? Why not "DRDO"?]
Why DRDO recently had to oppose but in vain the idea of Joint development with Israel,
because its own indegeneous project was being crushed.
Such a thing had happened related to tanks too ...
Who took such decisions?
It was our ignorant leaders with zero integration, no statistics at hand and maximum communication gap with foolish ignorance and a simpleton fools high ego with which, they take decisions.
That is why ...
DRDO today is nowhhere equivalent to Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumannm and Rosobaron Military Component Manufacturing Companies
Had the Visionaries understood their responsibilities,
Indian Citizens were not expected to take headache related to:
[What is DRDO's researching status on Passive Surveillance Radars and Carpet Bombing Technologies to protect Indian Interests & acheive self reliance]
There seems to be Zero Integration with no Feedback Processing Mechanism of e-Governance initiative from Citizens of India

Even the RTI System has not evolved to become Web Based user friendly system with Online Credit Card Payment Modes etc ...
With an integrated Privilege based Identity Management System linked to Security Agencies.

What category of leaders could get these done?
IITians, M.Techs,MCAs,IIMians,MBAs etc
Solution Architects of Indian IT companies etc
But they are nowhere to be found in Politics ...

If it is about getting proactive & spreading technology Awareness & threats after getting education,
Read This
[What can one do to Stop Jehadis from Defacing Website of Directorate of Technical Education India (If it really stands for it)]
Why does a student need to point this out? We had Leaders na ... The best men and machines that money can buy?

Here is some scope for improvement on Online Quality of Service, if there is something defined ...
Correct this! Image problem on Welcome Page Nagpur Passport Office Page

How about an Agenda Management System implemented in the Loksabha Rajyasabha?
Indian Citizens want Agenda Management System implemented in LokSabha+RajyaSabha by April-2009.

Since India unfortunately has a history of frequent inefficient+ineffective disruptions, indiscipline and corruption having MPs who are sellable and have tainted Criminal Backgrounds
Now the Down to Earth, Tax Paying, highly literate and technically sound and tech-savvy Democratic Citizens of India

Would like to know:
From Indian Interests point of View,

For How long,
with How much Authority,
Can you ignore the priority of implementing
Agenda Management System for the Nation's Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha?

Many Agenda Mgmt Systems that are ready to be deployed are available,
Indian IT companies as well as others have such expertise and technology know how to get things done.

Examples include:
Sire Technologies
It is just one of the Agenda Mgmt Systems in the market

Many more low cost Open Source Solutions can be found on sites like:

Even Govt. Institutes like C-DAC can be helpful in developing such sophisticated software within 2-3 months.
And getting these implemented and fully operatinal within a week.

That is the Nation's capability.
Dont you think, it's being wasted?
Or rather Underutilized?

What are your implementation plans? with realtime timebound statistical plan?

The Down to Earth, Tax Paying, highly literate and technically sound and tech-savvy Democratic Citizens of India who have the Right to get such so called highly classified peanut like basic Information, would like to know.
If you have Regards for the people of the nation
The People of the Nation would be watching it in your actions

If it is true and Transparent Democracy the Obama way round, that Indians would love to have here, you can learn from:

Then implementing such state of the art Information Management Systems and accepting technology should not be any problem
Or is it that silly old orthodox psychology which is affecting such system's acceptance?
For what is the Nation's time being wasted?

Who should be held accountable for the trillions of picoseconds of parallel hyperthreading lives of living Citizens of India that will get wasted, if you delete this email?
And such systems that eventually are bound to be implemented in the future are unnecessarily delayed, for no valid justifiable point? Or rather personal opinion bias?

Hoping to see LokSabha+RajyaSabha bucked with state of the art Agenda Management System to boost operational efficiency of house.



We need to change the definition of literacy. According to our constution any person who can read, write his/her name in vernacular language is considered to be a literate.

The bitter fact is that a lot of mason's in our country can do that. This is how the figures are manipulated by the all mighty politicians in the name of development.
Pranav (IIPM AHD )

armageddonsaviour said...

Strict Minimum Norms of eligibility criteria needs to be setup.

Calibration of the ability of politicians to think like extraordinary visionaries needs to be setup

Who can think like that?
Most Frequently rather than rarely
The Professionals & Specialists
like IITians, IIMians, M.Techs, M.C.As, Management Gurus, Services Mindset Oriented people etc ... (IAS type)
rather than the Generalists

Yes Pranav

The whole nation watched with awe and disbelief on Loksatta/Loksabha TV channel 8:30pm Sunday 4/Jan/2008

The fact that came to light by experts was:
Right to Information Queries were being filed only from Urban Areas and not Rural Areas.

What Management lessons does that teach us?

1).Lack of Proactive Initiative ==>
Less allocation of funds aimed at spreading awareness about RTI in villages.
Low Priority (less than Rs.5000 per month) is being spent.

Here are the statistics revealed
Only about Rs.200000/- was spent on RTI awareness campaigns in the last 4 years
This ==>
Less than Rs.5000/- per month on RTI awareness by Indian Govt,
which affords to spend Tax payer's money on $2.1Bn Procurement of 8 Transport Aircraft from U.S's Boeing crushing D.R.D.O's indigenous initiatives aimed at achieving self-reliance.

That clearly shows on whose side the balance is tilted

Poor Indian Citizen or Business deals with the sophisticated educated elite technocrats

2).RTI usability needs to be improved and made online payment oriented web-based.

One citizen firing hundreds of cheap RTI queries a day simultaneously is the need of the hour to bust corruption & bring in Transparency.

A reward system also needs to be brought into place with Accountability in mind

It has to evolve with Integrated implementation with Unified Nationwide Identity Management System Agency of India (not yet in existence)

Lots of Homework left to be done:

INDIA - My Nation , My Passion!! said...

I am absolutely in consonance with u . However the more we air our views about our politicians, the lesser they seem to care..:(
I will, however, feel extremely privileged if u would peruse
a small tribute to the great indian politician.

Prabhu said...

sir, i am not in agreement with what you have stated about educated class in india. We have seen, in any number of cases, that the educated are as bad as or even worse than the uneducated when it comes to ruling this nation! what about Kamaraj, Kakkan and scores of others who were not trained in the so-called 'education'? They did a yeoman service to this country. Rather, it is the upbringing and inner discipline of one that decides how he behaves as he enters public life!!

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